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  • Steve Kristopher

    Suggested on Jul 12, 16:38

    Status: New

    Hello there for any cyber hacking service this hacker delivers a quality service in various platforms of hacking. Hacking Services : -Mspy application ( Features > Call logs, Location, messages, images emails). The application allows you spy on targets cell phone. - Crediting an account (Terms and conditions applied). - Changing database information. - Changing school grades . -Money transfer. -Activation of firewalls. - Retrieval of deleted message. All hacking services above are rendered. Contact mendaxweev01@gmail.com Keep in touch

  • Mary

    Suggested on Jul 12, 08:57

    Status: New

    Haven't you heard of Ikajo International? It is a reliable payment service provider with a global acquiring network. We are committed to shaping the world of online payments, making transactions transparent and secure. We have been around for more than 15 years, what granted us an opportunity to finish over 14,000 projects successfully. We work with 130+ countries, process payments in 30+ currencies, and help our clients to reach out to a global audience. We offer seamless and flexible payment solutions with our plug-and-play integration opportunities. Here’s the list of our features in a nutshell: 3DS and non-3DS transactions; fraud management; solutions for 30+ currencies; chargeback prevention; protection system (PCI DSS compliant); 20+ integration options; one-time payments; recurring billing solutions; cross-border payments. Stay away from online fraud and limitless chargebacks. Some decisions may end up working wonders for your business. What if choosing a reliable PSP is one of them? If you’re willing to learn more about what we offer, our website has everything you need already covered. Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at sales@ikajo.com

  • Soft tech geeks

    Suggested on Jul 12, 08:48

    Status: New

    Have you been wanting to spend daddy's or mommy's money or your sposes money or probably your boss money but Dont have access to their credits card. Well all your worry's can be brought to an end. Soft tech geeks can help you clone a credit card to daddy's or mommy's or spouse or boss's account that will help you spend their money without touching their credit card anywhere you are. Contact soft tech geeks softtechgeeks@gmail.com for more info


    Suggested on Jul 6, 18:04

    Status: New

    HIRING A LEGIT HACKER: Do you need a Professional hacker?? look no further you have just found the right one. CYBERPUNK HACKS: is a group of dedicated online hackers maintaining the highest standards and uncompeted professionalism in every aspect of ethical hacks. We are cyberpunkers and we are one Of The Leading Hack Teams in The United States🇺🇸 With So many Awards From IT Companies. In this online world, there is unfortuntely no hack service which is impossible for us. Having professionals in the team with recognised experience gives us credits from clients. We Can help you recover the password of your email, Facebook or any other accounts, Facebook Hack, Phone Hack (Which enables you to monitor your kids, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, by  gaining access to everything they are doing on their phone without their notice), You Need a Database? Clear your Criminal Records?? Or wanna increase your grades in any institution, Our Team provides diverse hacks and provide you with online safety. ★ We are 100% trusted professional hacking Organization and keep your deal entirely confidential💯. Contact us today! Cyberpunkhacks@gmail.com HackerOne©️LLC 2018. All Rights Reserved ®️ ★We Treat Every Request With Utmost Secrecy★

  • MyGate

    Suggested on May 16, 04:20

    Status: New

    Thank you for the opportunity to submit. Will you please consider adding MyGate to your directory? Much appreciated Dan

  • Alyona Ovchinnikova

    Suggested on Dec 6, 08:03

    Status: New

    Dear All, Unfortunately, we can't login to our space to change info about ECommPay in your directory. Could you please send us the details how can we login again? Or what e-mail was registered? Thank you!

  • ACHPay

    Suggested on Sep 25, 22:22

    Status: New

    Set, Manage and Automate Billing and Subscriptions with Recurring ACH Payments from ACHPay. Get started by visiting https://www.ach-pay.com/ today!

  • ACH-Processors

    Suggested on Sep 25, 22:20

    Status: New

    Optimiza payments and lower costs through ACH payment processing. Get started today by visiting https://www.ach-processors.com/

  • Rob Chiu

    Suggested on Sep 25, 22:19

    Status: New

    Hello, we would like to submit our link to your site. Thank you.

  • Anna Larsen

    Suggested on Jun 28, 02:37

    Status: New

    This is really helpful site for may other. Thanks for having me.