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  • Cici Wirachmat

    Suggested on Jun 27, 17:48

    Status: New

    These Sistem are Use , but Difficult ...What happen ?

  • Louis G

    Suggested on Jun 22, 22:52

    Status: Implemented

    NorthPay is a provider of online e-commerce payment processing, as well as mobile app for payments. Check it out www.NorthPay.ca

  • Stanislav Roussev

    Suggested on Apr 26, 07:05

    Status: Implemented

    Gate2Shop provides a secure online e-commerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses that monetize games or sell software, games and digital services online.

  • Trip Ochenski

    Suggested on Apr 16, 12:19

    Status: Implemented


  • iqbal

    Suggested on Mar 19, 09:15

    Status: Implemented

    Very interesting site You must include following sites. www.cashu.com www.onecard.net These are leading payment gateways in the middle east.

  • brendankane

    Suggested on Mar 6, 14:38

    Status: New

    Pay rent online using online rent collection service from PayLease. Our property management software makes lease and rent collection easy.

  • CamboPay

    Suggested on Aug 8, 20:58

    Status: Implemented

    CamboPay is the first payment processor and online payment solution for Cambodia, offering merchant accounts for Cambodian businesses

  • Rome Lopez

    Suggested on Aug 8, 01:12

    Status: Implemented

    Hi, we offer online payment gateway and fraud monitoring system and we have presence all over Asia. Please don't forget to drop us an email if you have any enquiries, www.asiapay.com and www.paydollar.com. Thanks!

  • Jon Ranes

    Suggested on Jul 26, 00:16

    Status: Implemented

    WePayOnline ties merchant accounts to cc/ach virtual terminals for internal a/r and public customer payments. Ties into accounting system of choice and offers smart phone access.

  • Josuha

    Suggested on Jul 17, 21:38

    Status: New

    Replica Merchant Account : http://www.replicamerchantaccount.com