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  • Pascal De Keyser

    Suggested on Mar 6, 04:37

    Status: New

    Please add www.fireballpsp.com to your directory

  • Chris Telfer

    Suggested on Jan 11, 03:28

    Status: New

    Dear Admin, I'm writing to find out how we can get our own company listed on your site. We're interested in being listed in the following categories: http://www.onlinepaysystems.info/systems/list/type/ACH-eCheck http://www.onlinepaysystems.info/systems/list/type/Card%20processing If you could get back to me to let me know how we can go about getting listed I'd appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Chris

  • Ryne Landers

    Suggested on Oct 30, 11:52

    Status: New

    Can you take a look into Payfirma's payment processor at https://www.payfirma.com/ . Since 2011, Payfirma's core purpose has been to make it easy for people to grow their business. They have been living up to this goal by delivering a payment platform that makes it simple to take payments in any way, and provides payment analytics to help people make better business decisions. Today Payfirma processes payments for thousands of businesses across North America from local trade companies and professional services to global online retailers, national publishers, non-profits and large enterprises using their payment platform.

  • mark vernon

    Suggested on Sep 26, 09:22

    Status: New

    Could you add tagcash.com, which is both a payment system with Banks and an ewallet platform here in Philippines. Registered 2 years ago, paid up capital US$2.5m and staff of 25 based in Makati, Manila

  • Jennifer

    Suggested on Sep 25, 19:09

    Status: New

    Hello, I would like to add Group ISO Merchant Services to your directory. We provide payment processing solutions to merchants, including credit cards and ACH. We also provide merchant funding. Thank you!

  • Orpak Systems

    Suggested on Aug 17, 05:11

    Status: New

    Orpak delivers comprehensive solutions for commercial fleets and oil companies, improving profitability and optimizing performance from the forecourt to the head office. Be it the single transaction, network optimization or business analytics, Orpak's hardware, software and services enhance the entire retail fuel network and fleet management value chains.

  • Allied Wallet

    Suggested on Jul 28, 20:31

    Status: Implemented

    In this age of rapid technological advancement, e-commerce transactions have become common on credit card statements. But questions still remain. As a consumer, how can you find secure, trustworthy online payment processors? And as a business, how can your own customers put their faith in your e-commerce services? Millions of companies accept credit card payments online, but how many of them can actually be trusted? That’s where Allied Wallet comes in.

  • Jon Crawford

    Suggested on Jul 1, 14:44

    Status: Implemented

    PaidYET would be a good addition to your list of payment systems! It is the first point-of-sale platform that uses patent-pending payment links for easy, quick, and secure one-click payments.

  • pradeep lasantha

    Suggested on Jun 23, 02:34

    Status: New


  • Tagcash Ltd

    Suggested on Jun 7, 18:20

    Status: New

    Micropayment platform