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  • Basheer

    Suggested on Oct 28, 05:16

    Status: Implemented

    Hi, We are very interested to be listed in your web-site, please let me know what information you need from our side. Faturah is Saudi service to provide the online secure payment to the end-user. Check it out here: www.Faturah.com Regards,

  • Debit Success

    Suggested on May 6, 02:03

    Status: Implemented

    Debit Success is an expert debt collection company operating to recover your company bills as efficiently and as affordably as possible. Servicing a range of industries, Debit Success is Australasia’s largest and most successful full service debit initiators.

  • eMerchantBroker

    Suggested on Apr 24, 16:30

    Status: Implemented

    Hello, we'd like to be submitted into the High Risk Merchant Account directory. Thanks! EMB

  • Trevor

    Suggested on Mar 19, 13:21

    Status: Implemented

    Evo Snap is a new platform for developers to integrate payments and use Evo Payments International as a front end processor

  • Sophie

    Suggested on Feb 19, 06:58

    Status: Implemented

    Hello can you suggest me the payment process who support payoneer account or paypal for payout?

  • Unifiedpaysecure - Scam

    Suggested on Jan 3, 06:31

    Status: Implemented

    It is a SCAM, stay away from them. We had integrated 2 websites to their system and what they did: 1. They were HIDING payments from us on the statistics panel! 2. Made transactions without consent of our clients - they USED their credit cards! 3. They NEVER PAID us when we asked for the payout and they even stopped answering to our e-mails and Skype. They are SCAMMERS and thieves! Spread the word!

  • Evan

    Suggested on Oct 31, 00:12

    Status: Implemented

    Please add Penny Currency (www.pennycurrency.com) to the list. PC is a nice payment system

  • Stas Bespalov

    Suggested on Aug 20, 20:23

    Status: Implemented

    How can I add my Payment Processor: Sentry Payments to the website?

  • G

    Suggested on Jul 25, 21:26

    Status: Implemented

    Selz is a new easy way to sell something digital or physical securely online in minutes from your blog, website or social networks. No contracts, no merchant accounts, no ongoing fees. Ideal for entrepreneurs, bloggers or small businesses looking build a business with their audience.

  • Seymour Direct

    Suggested on Jul 23, 12:12

    Status: New

    Seymour Direct provide Payment Gateways and internet merchant account approval for businesses Please include us if you can Thanks Richard