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  • Amelie Noah

    Suggested on Jan 9, 09:53

    Status: New

    I was researching online and I came across a glowing report of a beautiful hacker called Jackson in a trusted UK credit site. I am in the UK and I needed to improve my credit score because I couldn’t get approved for a car mortgage as a result of a poor credit score. I had medical bills, too many inquiries, charge offs, late payments and an eviction. Although Jack lives in the united states however, as a credit repair specialist he promised to erase all the negative items influencing my credit profile negatively, replacing them with good lines of credit and eventually increase my score to a high 700 so I can be qualified for the car mortgage and even qualify for the new job I seek. Guess what happened after 7 business days - he actually did all he said he will do, deleted all the negative items and raised my score. My family and I are very happy now because I got the car mortgage and the new job. If anyone needs his or her credit fixed ASAP, whether in the Uk, Canada or US, Just run to him he will get the job done in a relatively short time. Here is his contact; {creditfixernetwork@gmail.com} good luck.

  • Gretel Lyons

    Suggested on Jan 5, 15:34

    Status: New

    After falling victim to fraud twice trying to recover my stolen USDT, I gave up on the possibilities of ever being able to have it recovered until Gear Head Cyber Panacea was recommended on Quora and I was very grateful to have come across the article as they recovered 85% of my stolen USDT and so I decided to share this for anyone else that might be in need of their services..you can reach them on Gearheadcyberpanacea AT gmail DOT com or check out their website GEARHEADPANACEA dot COM

  • Naomi Kenneth

    Suggested on Jan 5, 06:33

    Status: New

    I have had my own share of crypto scams due to referrals from some site, I lost a lot of money and i was still told to send more money to unlock my account because my balance was non-spendable or something else. Sadly i couldn’t count on the police so i reached out to a company that helped. [recoverstolenbitcoin@gmail. com] Luckily for me, I was able to get my money back. They showed me how every bitcoin transaction is traceable. Your crypto first goes to the scam wallet, from there bitcoins will travel through some proxy wallets to cover the tracks. But, every single transaction is recorded in block chain. So your bitcoins can be traced to endpoint, which is some bitcoin exchange market. Where they are exchanged for real money. And then the exchanges in questions will have records of who received the money and how they received it. Contact them if you’ve similar issues, You’ll be grateful that you did.

  • Kimberly Willems

    Suggested on Jan 5, 04:30

    Status: New

    Good day everyone, please be careful and don’t invest your money with an unknown person or company. I lost about $470,00.00 to a cryptocurrency scam a few weeks ago after someone on Instagram posing as an investment company contacted me that he could deliver huge profits if I deposit bitcoins with them, at first it seemed real as it worked twice but I didn’t know they had set me up for a bigger price and coined me of my hard-earned money. To everyone out there, having the right information sometimes is just what you need, I have had my share of being a scam victim but all thanks to wardrivercyberservice(@)techie.com I was able to recover everything I lost in a matter of 48 hours. You can also reach them too via Email: wardriverscyberservice(@)techie.com Whats App/Tele Gram: +

  • Lewis Hang

    Suggested on Dec 29, 10:36

    Status: New

    THE ONLY GENUINE AND GUARANTEED CRYPTOCURRENCY RECOVER IS RCOVERYMASTERS Hello everyone, I wish to share with you how I was scammed of $585,000.00 after I fell for a romance scam, he practically ruined my life. My relationship with my family was ruined because I fell for this scam. I had to go bankrupt after the scammer I met on a dating site conned me of all my life savings pretending to be in distress and I helped him on multiple occasions. I took a loan out to support him and yet I found out he was a scammer. I was able to get through all of this after a friend of mine showed me an article about RecoveryMasters Services and how he can recover your stolen funds from these scammers. I contacted him and to my surprise, I recovered all that I lost in a day. if you are in such a situation you contact him at. EMAIL: (Recoverymasters@email.cz ) WhatsApp: +15-5120-2-23-35

  • Sue Hank

    Suggested on Dec 26, 08:19

    Status: New

    I want to testify about WARDRIVER’S CYBER SERVICE and how I got my hack from them after I lost my job and was bankrupt. I was able to get a blank ATM card worth $95,000.00 which can be used to withdraw money from any ATM machine around the world, it can be used to pay bills and POS services anywhere in the world. I was so happy I came across them. They also give out services such as, PAYPAL HACK BITCOIN RECOVERY. BITCOIN INVESTMENT. WESTERN UNION HACK. BANK TRANSFER HACK . BLANK ATM CARD (CLONE CARD). MONEYGRAM HACK. Kindly contact them for any of this service because they are the best hackers I have worked with after our 2 years of partnership. Thank you so much WARDRIVER’S CYBER SERVICE. You can contact them at. EMAIL: (wardriverscyberservice@techie. com) WhatsApp: +1 ( 6 1 6) 8 9 8-7 2 8 5

  • Julie Andrew

    Suggested on Dec 23, 06:05

    Status: New

    RECOVERY OF STOLEN BITCOIN RECOVERY OF LOST MONEY TO SCAMMER LEGIT RECOVERY EXPERT REFERRAL Have you ever been a victim of a scam? or have you lost your money to fake hackers online? I implore you to contact this trustworthy hacker and recovery expert Jackson. I was a victim of fake people posing as binary options and bitcoin investors, I lost a sum of $4,000 and 2BTC from my bitcoin wallet to these fakes. It took a while before I realized they were scams and this really hurt .Then an in-law of mine heard about it and recommended me to a specialist with the address bitcoinrecoveryservice@gmail.com . He helped me recover my lost bitcoin in less than 48hrs and the fakes were caught and made to pay for what they did to me . If you have lost any amount to online scams and you’re seeking to recover loss from wallet hackers, fake hackers, online dating scams, btc wallet hack, recovery of lost funds from fake binary investors .Reach out to BITCOIN RECOVERY SERVICE to help you , and you will be so glad you did so, best believe recovery expert referral.

  • Karen Michael

    Suggested on Dec 18, 07:22

    Status: New

    My name is Karen, and I work as a construction engineer. I tried buying several machines online this year because they were more affordable. I paid using my bitcoin wallet, only to discover that thousands of dollars had been stolen from me. I emailed the firm I was supposed to buy this equipment from nonstop, but I never received an answer. I reported the incident to the police, but they did nothing. I was depressed because I had just lost a significant sum of money that I had spent thinking I was buying supplies for my job. My bank couldn't help me, so I was on my own. My coworker told me about SPYWARE CYBER and how they helped her get her bitcoin back after losing to a fake binary investment. My situation was described to the Hacker when I contacted them. They reassured me that I shouldn't worry because I still have hope. I have no idea what they did, but they managed to restore every USDT I lost in a matter of working days. This shocked me because I had assumed that after reporting the incident to the police and consulting my bank, nothing would be done. spyware(@)cybergal.com or contact(@)cybegal.com did a great job with this and deserves to be well-known worldwide. I received my money back even when I was unable to purchase the machines I wanted. I was able to do it thanks to SPYWARE CYBER. WhatsApp Number: +19892640381

  • Bobby Right

    Suggested on Dec 13, 06:11

    Status: New

    I had a tradeline with multiple late payments that I had been trying to get off my report for two years and also with Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation. I tried a few agents here but none was successful till I stumbled on an article of JEFFCLOUD CREDIT SOLUTION who I contacted and he beat my expectations by clearing off all negatives on my report and getting my score to 820..I was really amazed and hence I decided to put his contact out there for anyone who might need his services. contact him at JEFFCLOUDCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM. You surely will thank me.

  • Fred James

    Suggested on Dec 12, 15:19

    Status: New

    I was also recently involved in a Chinese tinder scam. The beautiful lady lured me into investing in a website and promised me huge returns. She boosted and showed me how wealthy her uncle was and even deposited thousands of dollars into the account that I had with the website which prompted me to invest a lot of money. Please I urge the public to stay away from scams like this as it is a new trend on dating apps. I was really devastated when I found out that it was all a scam. Thanks to [cyberloanandcoinrecovery@gmail.com] He was really helpful as I wrote to him and my case was sorted. He was able to recover all my stolen bitcoin from those scammers back to my personal wallet account address.