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EcoCard online payment system


Updated on January 5, 2010
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General Information

EcoCard Ltd is focused on providing trusted alternative payment solutions. Eco management has years of experience in creating and managing internet based payment systems.

Having a Eco account as, either, a merchant or end customer enables the instantaneous transfer of funds.

Eco supports, both, international payment methods, such as, credit cards plus local in-country methods, such as, bank transfers in over 25 countries. Plus funds can be withdrawn to a bank account.



Countries of use

25 countries





EcoCard Account Fees and Limits

EcoCard Account Fees and Limits


Integration approaches


Information for developers

Use your EcoCard account to make payments to EcoCard merchants, send and receive money between other EcoCard accounts, or spend wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark with our virtual and debit cards.
You can also use our EcoCard Prepaid Debit MasterCard® to withdraw money in your EcoCard account at cash machines at home and abroad.

  • No payment rejection
  • Over 70,000 signed-up users and growing
  • No possibility of chargebacks or fraud
  • Real-time online balance information and history tracking
  • Funds can be transferred both to and from user accounts
  • Easy and quick set-up and integration
  • Low maintenance costs and no additional software required
  • Full technical assistance


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