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1pay.net online payment system


Updated on February 6, 2010
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Using the Internet to take payments...
is the alternative to costly terminal hardware and offers merchants two ways to accept payments.

Merchant Virtual Terminal
Merchants use a web browser with a card swipe reader and a check reader to take payments.



Customer Payment Portal
Customers can make their own payments from their own web browsers.  


Recurring Customer Billing
Customers who are on monthly or weekly payment plan can be be debited on a recurring schedule.

Internet Payments for Businesses...
Getting paid quickly is the key to cash flow for any business. The Internet as a payment acceptance medium can connect your business with your customers' ability to pay. Give your customers every available mechanism by which to pay you and your cash flow will rise sharply.

01. Take Payments by phone at your office

02. Take Payments in person at your office

03. Customer Self Serve Payment Portal

04. Recurring Checks and Card Payments 

It makes sense to have all our payments comming in to one centralized gateway...

Instead of having non cash payments comming in from everywhere, we get a single compiled reporting for each point of acceptance. Our web payments, telephone payments, and POS payments all appear online for us to view at our convenience.








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