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Click-N-Stash online payment system


Updated on July 27, 2010
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General Information

Click-N-Stash provides merchant processor for send and request monies. Secure money transfers. (Wire monies to other people, bill pay coming soon), shopping carts, donation buttons, single buy now buttons,. Full editor that you can upload and insert video, audio, and pics within descriptions and notes and invoices and profile. Full access to code so that one can develop and intergrate into current site. Mobile App instructions on home page. (working on creating a better Mobile APP). More options added regularity.


Works in USA $ dollar sign, but has converter on home page that can be used. Working on multiply currencies.

Countries of use

All countries supported in listing when you register. All states in USA.


Anyone legal enough to have physical address, bank account (S.W.I.F.T code accepted), whom can sign up online from any of the selectable countries.


Open an Account


Send Money


Receive Money

2.28% per transaction. No other fees!

Affiliate Credits


Withdraw Funds

Paypal = free Great way to withdraw to credit card or bank account or PayPal debit card.
Cashier Check to Individual or Bill pay= $6.00 for each
Bank Wire transfer through Western Union= $10.99 (USA banks only) plus currency exchange or international bank fees if applicable

Deposit Funds

Fund by Online Paypal = 2.9% plus $0.30 USD (This is what Paypal will charge us.) Great way to fund with credit card or bank account or PayPal debit card.
Fund by Online E-Check converts to bank draft= $1.00
Fund by Wire Transfer (Western Union) = $1.00 Your responsible for WU fees. Will accept US and International but needs to be exchanged to USD
Fund by Money Order = $1.00 (US Approved only)
Fund by Mailing Personal or business paper Check = $1.00 (US Banks only)

Suspension of Account

After 30 days of negative sum and no deposits are made, your account goes to suspension status.

After you signup, please complete Profile page. The bank info and credit card info are not required on the profile. NO TRANSACTIONS will be granted unless we have Updated Profile.

Integration approaches

Integrations approaches can be found on Merchant Tools page or contact


us for support. You can also check with FAQ page.

Information for developers

All developers info available within secure login Merchant Tools. Register for free and click Merchant Tools. Basic code available.

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