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2000Charge online payment system


Updated on July 27, 2010
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General Information

Since 1999, 2000Charge has been one of the pioneers in real-time online financial transaction development. With our original European debit processing experience we have opened our doors to America and grown into the premier provider of turnkey alternative eCommerce solutions for content and service-based website businesses desiring global capabilities.


Today, 2000Charge provides speedy, secure and easy to set-up transaction services that enable web merchants to accept and process real-time European EUDEBIT and other alternative payment solutions for goods and services purchased over the Internet. By managing all back-office functions, i.e. reporting, tracking, customer service, password management, reseller payouts, sales transactions etc., you are free to focus on what you do best – managing and promoting your site for the highest possible return. Simply stated, we take care of you so you can take care of your business!


As the Internet continues its unprecedented growth in eCommerce and business opportunities, we, too, are continuing to search for new and better ways to serve you.

Countries of use






Our standard setup does not require any setup fees! Some special setup types may require small fees, but such instances are rare, and for most of our clients these setup fees do not apply. Such fees only apply for services such as Virtual Terminal, batch transaction processing, and installation of MIVA shopping cart software.

Integration approaches


Information for developers

The number of different payment options worldwide can be confusing and just keeping track of all of them can be tedious work. Here at 2000Charge we've taken the complexity out of the process by providing merchants with simple and easy to use solutions.

The steps are simple, here is how it works:


STEP 1: Direct the Customer

Direct the customer to our 2000Charge join page, which contains all of our available payment options. This page is Geo-Targeted so your customers do not have to use a translator to sign up; the pages will show up in their own languages and with the payment options applicable to them in prime position.

STEP 2: Transaction is Processed

The customer initiates payment and the transaction is then processed. The funds are then collected and payment to the merchant is made at regular intervals.

STEP 3: Customer is Approved

The customer is approved and our customer support team is standing by to handle any support issues. Simply display our HelpDesk link on your contact page for 2000Charge customers.

            customer initiates a secure payment using one of our multi-currency
            payment processing options and the merchant's payout is consolidated
            into a single payout

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