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Paylane online payment system


Updated on May 4, 2011
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General Information

PayLane is an online payments processor focused on European market. The company helps online businesses accept various types of payments and integrate with their websites. Being a payment gateway and providing a merchant account for each client, PayLane is level 1 PCI DSS compliant and registered as an IPSP (Internet Payments Service Provider) at Visa and as MSP (Member Service Provider) at MasterCard.
PayLane’s payments services include:
 credit card processing
debit card processing
direct debits
 wire transfers
 recurring billing
 Virtual Terminal: MOTO (Mail & Telephone Order)
 multicurrency transactions and settlements
PayLane offers also an affiliate program allowing their partners to earn money by recommending PayLane to other merchants.


Euro, Dollar, GBP and more

Countries of use



Small and Medium Businesses


Please note that PayLane creates and adjusts each offer individually, taking all the customers needs into account. Yet it’s natural that you expect something concrete. Remember though that these are only approximate values.
Please contact PayLane (info@paylane.com) to get a detailed offer.
Payment method
Transaction fee
Credit and debit cards
from 0.12 EUR
from 2%
Direct debits
from 0.30 EUR
Online wires
from 0.05 EUR
from 2%
Other charges:
Monthly or annual fee
from 10 or 90 EUR per payment period
Chargeback fee
from 10 EUR per chargeback

Integration approaches

PayLane provides two common and effective methods of integration: API integration (PayLane stays invisible for your clients) and secure form (a quick, comfy and effort less method).

Information for developers

It is easy to integrate with PayLane system. We prepare all the documentation. You can also download all the code samples (including supporting property and library files needed) for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol.

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