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Austpay online payment system


Updated on July 27, 2010
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General Information

Austpay is an online credit card process company based in HongKong which start operate from 2005 years to cater increasing credit card processing need from internet merchant all over the world.

Austpay is an international payment service provider (PSP, MSP), and ISO for several Visa and Mastercard member banks worldwide, integrating with complicated and sophisticated payment gateway, customer support system and anti-fraud system.

After five years credit card processing experiences, austpay are capable to provide our customer's most powerful internet merchant account and payment gateway. Our sales, technical, and risk management teams are all most professional in their fields.  Based on our solid long term relationship with many banks, we can help our clients to get merchant account within 48 hours with most competitive rate for both low risk and high risk merchant business.

Our ultimate aim is to help our clients to boost their online business and protect their profit. Austpay risk management team will assist you to fight with the chargeback and secure your payment.

We focus on providing our customers best offshore merchant accounts and third party payment gateway. No matter which country you come from, we will tailer our service to suit your unique needs.

In Austpay, we cooperate with many banks to provide our customer all kinds of credit card processing solution. Visa, Master card and American Express are all supported. We understand many startup business cannot afford high transaction expense, in Austpay we will analyze your business carefully and figure out a most competitive rate and solution for you. In Austpay, we welcome nearly all types of business including High risk and low risk business, as long as you are a honest merchant. Low risk business such as toy selling will get lower transaction rate than high risk business. due to its high chargeback rate and risks, many banks and processor don't accept high risk business.  base on our sofisticated risk management team, austpay are capable to provide high risk merchant account to our clients and still keep the rate affordable, Look for further information if you business are considered as a high risk business, please contact our specialist.



Countries of use





Austpay insist on providing our customers most competitive rate and best service. We will tailer an unique package for every individual customers by analyzing your needs and current business.  When your business grow up and have more transaction, we can also adjust your processing rate and settlement periods. The below table is a common standard fee and can be negotiable slightly.


Monthly Volume

Low risk Merchant

High risk Merchant

Direct  Merchant

< $20000













Transaction Fee: A certain fixed transaction fee arranged from $0.5-$1per transaction will be charged, depending on bank acquirer for credit card transaction services.
Refund Fee: Currently we waived refund fee.
Rolling Reserve: Austpay will hold 6-10% from turnover for 180 days as security deposit, Reserve will be returned to you after 6 months.
Chargeback Fee: A fee of USD $35.00-$50.00 (depending on bank acquirer) will be charged to the Client for every transaction which we process on the Clients behalf which is "charged-back" by the Customer.
Wire transfer Fee: We charge $40 to make a wire transfer to clients' business or personal account.
Payouts: The payout will be wired to merchants on two week basis with 7 days in arrears. Normally minimum payout is $1000 and can be negotiable.

Integration approaches


Information for developers

As a leading international payment solutions provider that specializes in multi-currency processing for all types of card-not-present electronic transactions and offers superior and secure processing products and services worldwide, Austpay is always open to sales organizations who are interested in selling those products and services.


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