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OneBip online payment system


Updated on July 27, 2010
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General Information

Onebip is the safest way to pay online with your mobile phone. It allows you to shop online without using a credit card or bank account.
In other words, we do one thing: turn your mobile phone credit into money. With onebip you can pay online without revealing your personal mobile phone number and authorize all your mobile phone payments with a click!

A team with a unique blend of technical and marketing knowledge makes Onebip a dynamic and flexible company.

We strongly believe in a Internet free and open where everyone can access best technologies at a the lowest possible cost. We strongly believe that today's online payment solutions are not well suited for end users; that's why we worked hard to create Onebip.



Countries of use

70 Countries


personal and business


online form http://www.onebip.com/fees.html

Integration approaches

  • SMS (MT premium)
  • WAP & Mobile Internet
  • DSL (IP billing)

Information for developers

The Onebip API allows you to interact and "sync" with your Onebip account from your own web sites and applications

If you want to automatically perform live actions on your user accounts, or you are using a shopping cart software, you can integrate your current website, shopping cart, and order processing system via the Onebip API.

What can you do with the API?

Well, lots. The most common use is to sync the data in your Onebip account with your own database or CRM software, but there are loads of other uses. Here's a few we see quite a bit...

  • Manage your pricing policy in a dynamic and flexible way
  • Select on the fly the most appropriate integration option
  • Rebranding as your own product? Change the feel and look of your payment pages
  • Build your own application around Onebip’s main functionalities: send money, receive money and withdraw money
  • Download real-time reports and integrate them in your internal management tools
  • Software set up on your website to make available services and/or products to the buyers
  • API programming experience (PHP, ASP, or other scripting languages required)
Getting Started

We’ve implemented a simple, yet secure way of identifying who you are and which areas of your account you want to work with. There are a few key ID’s you will be using a large part of the time, and the service endpoint you’ll need for every call, so we've put together a reference on what they are and where to find them.

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