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Paymate online payment system


Updated on October 5, 2010
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General Information

Paymate provides secure, reliable and innovative Internet-based payment services to buyers in 57 countries around the world and sellers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Our mission is to help you trade with the world. We pride ourselves on being trusted for the secure conduct of financial transactions, reliable in all our dealings and friendly in delivering services to our clients.

You can use Paymate to receive online payments via credit card. You do NOT need to have a merchant facility with a bank, a secure website or gateway processor service. Simply register online to start receiving payments!

You can also use Paymate to make secure payments to any registered Paymate client, without disclosing your personal or financial details. You can use a credit card to make a payment from any of 57 countries, in Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars or other currencies. You do NOT need to be registered with Paymate to make an Express Payment via credit card!



Countries of use

Paymate is available to SELLERS in Australia, New Zealand and USA and International BUYERS using credit cards in the following countries.


private and business


US Fees - Credit Card Payments

Paymate's fees and charges for the US Payments service are as follows:

Standard Account

Credit card payments incur fees for sellers only. These consist of a fee based on the value of the payment and a flat fee per payment.

The current seller fees for a standard account is 3% + $0.50 per successful transaction.

There is a US$5,000 limit on how much you can receive in a month.

Annual Fees:  None.

Monthly Fees:  $5.

There are no fees for buyers and they do not need to register to make a credit card payment.

PCI Annual Fee, Effective November 1, 2010.  $39.95 per year.

EBusiness Account

The current seller fees for an eBusiness account is 3% + $0.50 per successful transaction.

There is a US$10,000 limit on how much you can receive in a month.

Annual Fees:  None.

Monthly Fees:  US$30.00.

There are no fees for buyers and they do not need to register to make a credit card payment.

You can also apply for a limit increase based on your credit history and track record.  The limit increase is subject to approval and additional terms and conditions may apply.  A non-refundable application fee of $50 is payable for any limit increases.

PCI Annual Fee, Effective November 1, 2010.  $39.95 per year.

Credit Check Fees

To ensure our clients meet minimum credit requirements imposed by our bank, Paymate may conduct a formal credit check at any time.  The fees for this service must be paid by the client in advance.  You may choose not to pay this fee, in which case we retain the right to not offer or withdraw our services to you, even if approved previously.  At this time we require the Credit Check Fees to be paid by clients in the following instances:

  • Website Sellers:  if you use Paymate to accept payments at a website, you will need to pay the Credit Check Fees.
  • MOTO Sellers:  if you use Paymate to process mail and telephone order sales, you will need to pay the Credit Check Fees.
  • eBusiness Account Sellers:  if you use the Paymate eBusiness account or request a limit increase, you will need to pay the Credit Check Fees.

The Credit Check Fees at this time are: USD 39.00. This fee is not refundable.  It does not guarantee that your merchant account will be approved.

Charge-back Fees

When a buyer requests a refund because they did not get what they paid for or the goods were substantially not as described, it is called a Charge-back transaction.  In such cases, we need to not only refund the payment, we need to respond to our bank (and the buyer's bank) with details of the transaction, sales terms and shipment details including proof of delivery.  We also have to pay our bank a fee for this process.  We attempt, on our seller's behalf, to show proof for delivery and that the terms of sale were met.  If we are successful, the Charge-back is reversed.  If we are not, we will need to debit the seller's bank account to recover the payment.

Our Charge-back Fees to cover these costs is a nominal USD 25.00 per charge-back inquiry.


Minimum and Maximum Payment Amounts

The minimum payment amount a Sender can make in a single Payment transaction via Paymate is $1, and the maximum is US$9,999.


Paymate's simple fee structure and 'full-service' offer are based on expectations of 'average' usage patterns in terms of volumes, average payment amount, Anticipated Interchange Level, product category risk and fraudulent transactions received, volumes of refunds and chargeback inquiries, disputes and requirements for client support.  Sellers with significant volumes and low risk profiles may qualify for better terms after a pattern of usage has been established, at Paymate's discretion.

Paymate's Fees are detailed as below.

Discount Rate
3.00% On Gross Visa, MasterCard and Discover ® Network Card Sales
3.00% On Gross Visa, MasterCard and Discover ® Network Card Non-PIN Debit Sales (US only)

Refunds can be processed by Paymate upon the seller's emailed request. You are allowed one refund per month, and on all others you will be charged $3.00 per refund.

Authorization Fee
Authorization/EDC Fee of $0.20 applies to all Visa, MasterCard and Discover ® Network Card approval (pre-authorizations and authorizations), denials, batch inquiries, batch entry transactions and includes any transaction fees and capture fees.

Cross Border Fees
A MasterCard Cross-border or Visa International Service fee is any transaction in which Client's country of domicile differs from the country where the card was issued. The Cross-border Fee applied in addition to the Discount Rate is:

1.00% On Gross Visa, MasterCard and Discover ® Network Card Sales

Fees on Refunds

Note that we cannot refund fees on payments that are refunded to the buyer at the request of the buyer or the seller, since all costs have generally been incurred in processing the payment.  We may also charge a processing fee of $3.00 for each refund request.

Integration approaches

Shopping Cart & Website Integration

Opening the Payment Window

To generate the HTML to connect your website or shopping cart to Paymate Express, follow these instructions.

Please note:

  • your browser must be JavaScript-enabled to use this wizard, and
  • the link text will not be generated correctly until you have entered all required information
1. Required: Enter the username you use to log into the Paymate website
2. Required: Choose your desired Paymate logo
  Your selected image:
3. Optional: Enter the payment amount. If there is no specific amount, please leave blank
4. Optional: Enter on order/reference number. If there is no specific value, please leave blank
5. Required: Copy-and-paste the following text into the location you would like the link to Paymate Express to appear:
6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each link you would like to add to your web page.
7. If you need to provide a link in your emails, copy and paste the following link

Tips & Tricks:

  • To copy and paste the link, right-click the text area above and choose Select All from the menu. Right click again on the selected text and choose Copy from the menu. You can now paste the link to Paymate Express into your website.
  • When copying and pasting the link, use a simple text editor (eg: Notepad) to paste the link HTML into your web page. This will ensure that the web page content is saved in the correct format for display via a web browser.

Additional Input Parameters

It is possible to supply additional information to the Paymate Express payment page by adding parameters to the 'href' attribute of the generated link.

The additional parameters you can specify are:

Parameter Name
Parameter Description
amt The payment amount
amt_editable (1) Indicate if payment amount is editable or not
currency (2) The currency code of the payment amount.
ref A seller reference number for a transaction
pmt_sender_email The buyer's email address
pmt_contact_firstname The buyer's first name
pmt_contact_surname The buyer's surname
pmt_contact_phone (3) The buyer's phone number
pmt_country The buyer's country.
regindi_state The buyer's state.
regindi_address1 The first address line of the buyer's address
regindi_address2 The second address line of the buyer's address
regindi_sub The suburb of the buyer's address
regindi_pcode The postcode of the buyer's address
return (4) A fully-qualified (eg: http://www.yoursite.com/paymentreceived.asp) URL to which Paymate will redirect the buyer. This redirect will occur when they click the continue button on the receipt page of the Express Payment wizard.
popup (5) Indicate if your website has opened Paymate Express in a new window. Must be either true or false, default is true. If this value is true, the Paymate Express window will close before displaying the 'return' URL in the browser window which opened Paymate Express. If this value is false, the 'return' URL will be displayed in the same window as Paymate Express.
rpdate For a recurring paymment, defines the last day after which no payments are to be made. This has to be passed in the Date Format: “dd MMM yyyy”. For example, if the last date for a recurring payment is 10th June, 2009, you need to enter 10 JUN 2009.
rpfrequency (6) For a recurring payment, defines the frequency with which payments are to be made. This property can take one of the following values:
weekly - the recurring amount will be charged on a seven (7) days basis.
fortnightly - the recurring amount will be charged on a fourteen (14) days basis.
monthly - the recurring amount will be charged on a monthly (30) days basis.

(1) Acceptable values for amount editable are: Y - editable N - not editable .

(2) Existing websites which previously specified the currency as 'curr' will continue to function, but are encouraged to update their links to pass this parameter with a name of 'currency' as the 'curr' parameter may not be supported in the future.

(3) Acceptable characters for phone numbers are: digits 0 through 9 ( ) - + and space. Any phone numbers which contain invalid characters will not be prepopulated.

(4) This URL must be able to handle POST requests. Depending on your website host, redirecting to static pages (eg URLs ending with '.htm' or '.html') may not work. Please consult your website host for acceptable pages you can specify for this value.

(5) If you are specifying false for this parameter, please ensure that the target of your link/form is "_top" so that the security padlock is displayed in the browser's status bar. This is particularly relevant to websites using framesets, as the security padlock may not be displayed when a secure page is displayed within a non-secured frameset.

(6) To set up a recurring payment for a 6 month subscription beginning on 15th January, 2009, the parameter values would be:
rpdate = 15 JUL 2009
rpfrequency = monthly


  • Acceptable values to specify for the currency parameter are "AUD" , "USD" "EUR" "GBP" and "NZD". If this parameter is not specified, or is invalid, the default currency code is AUD.
  • Please check acceptable values to specify for the country parameters list . If this parameter is not specified, or is invalid, please select the country.
  • Please ensure that the return URL (if specified) is a complete URL, otherwise your website will not receive the payment response information.
  • The seller reference number supplied to Paymate Express should be unique. This will assist:
    • you in identifying individual payments
    • your shopping cart or website to function correctly when processing more than one payment at a time


To create a link for a USD 100.00 Paymate Express payment to a seller with a username of 'demonstration', you would change the url variable from:


Protected Fields

When posting information from your shopping cart or website to the Paymate Express payment page, certain fields are "locked", making them uneditable by the person making the payment. These fields are as follows:

  • Payment Amount
  • Currency

By protecting these fields, you can be assured that the payment information being processed by Paymate is consistent with your shopping cart or website ordering process.

Output Parameters

If you have nominated a return URL in your post of information to the Paymate Express page, the following values are returned to your shopping cart / website once the payment is complete:

Parameter Name Parameter Description
transactionID The unique, 11 digit, Paymate identifier associated with each payment processed
responseCode An identifier of the state of each transaction - see Response Codes below
paymentAmount The payment amount authorised by the buyer
currency The currency code of the payment ('AUD', 'USD','EUR','GBP','NZD')
paymentDate The payment date. Format: dd-MMM-yyyy (eg: 01-JAN-2005)
ref The seller reference number either provided to Paymate from a seller's website, or entered during the payment process.
buyerEmail The email address of the buyer
billingAddress1 The first street address line of the billing address
billingAddress2 The second street address line of the billing address
billingCity The city of the billing address
billingState The state of the billing address
billingCountry The country of the billing address
billingPostcode The postcode of the billing address
billingFirstName The buyer's first name
billingSurname The buyer's surname


  • If a buyer makes a payment using the registered Paymate member facility, any address information posted to the Paymate website will be overwritten with address information gathered from the Paymate system

Response Codes

Once the payment process is complete, a response code will be returned with the output parameters listed above. Detailed below is the response code and the meaning.

Response Code Definition Recommended Action
PP Payment processing Await email notification from Paymate prior to organising delivery of purchased items or service
PA Payment approved Proceed with organising delivery of items or provision of service immediately
PD Payment declined Contact buyer to organise another means of payment or discontinue order


  • This response code will only be returned to your shopping cart or website if you have supplied a URL when initiating the payment


Information for developers


eBay Payments

Paymate provides payment services through eBay Checkout for sellers and buyers in the US, Australia and New Zealand.  If you are a seller looking to offer your buyers the best service available WITHOUT them having to register with a payment service, select Paymate as a preferred payment service.  Learn more HERE.


Note:  Paymate is the only alternative to PayPal in eBay Checkout for Australia and New Zealand.  As announced by eBay, ALL other forms of checkout except Paymate and PayPal will be eliminated this year.



Recurring Payments

As a Paymate merchant you will have the ability to offer a growing set of services to your customers.  One of those is recurring payments whereby Paymate will notify the buyer when their next payment is due on a purchase.  Click HERE for more details.



Online Payments

The primary benefit of working with Paymate is the ability to create a shopping cart with an integrated ability for your customer to make payments through Paymate - WITHOUT registering with Paymate. We provide a simple shopping cart or a list of shopping cart providers from which to choose that integrate with Paymate payment services.  In addition, for those that want to integrate payment services with their solutions, our Sentinel API is available as well as detailed instructions of how to integrate with Paymate.  If you are interested, more information is available HERE.



China Payments
Available in Australia Only

Paymate, in partnership with Alipay, has established the infrastructure for merchants to sell their goods and services into the People's Republic of China.  We have created a Chinese language shopping mall in partnership with Haiwaibao that will allow you to list your goods and take advantage of the 150 million consumers that are waiting to buy.  Click HERE for more information if you are interested in opening up in the largest consumer market in the world.



Currency Exchange

Paymate has the ability to take payments from 57 different countries, and settle in the designated local currency.  The buyer makes the payment in their currency and Paymate delivers the funds to the seller in their chosen currency automatically, and at a low cost.  If you do business in other countries, please read more HERE about our ability to transparently convert currency.



MOTO Payments (Mail Order Telephone Order Payments)

MOTO is fundamental to most businesses that do business over the phone or Internet.  Paymate can process these transactions as well.  With this service Paymate can assure customer personal information privacy in the case where operators or call center employees redirect calls to a secure facility for capturing credit card numbers and returning them to the call once the transaction is completed.  This feature greatly reduces merchant liability and you can read more about it by clicking HERE.



Mobile Services

Paymate merchants are becoming more mobile as smart phone technology continues to improve and enhance both buyer and seller experiences.  Paymate has this key element in it's services repetoire to augment brick and mortar businesses by adding thie ability to process transactions of Apple and Android devices.  All you need is a swiper, and that's optional, or an internet connected computer to run the application that processes mobile sales transactions.  Read more HERE.

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