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AVPSolutions online payment system


Updated on November 2, 2010
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General Information

AVPS is a complete merchant solution, and sets up merchant
accounts, platforms, and gateways for the customer - essentially they do
all the footwork, and deal with the hassle of getting set up to accept
credit cards.


USD, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, checks, also have the ability to work with offshore clientele

Countries of use

Doing business World Wide - based in California, USA


Main clients are those with high risk businesses or below average credit, but they deal with any and all clientele who need a merchant account.


Discount Rate: 2.39%
Transaction Fee: 25 cents
Monthly Gateway Fee: $29.95
Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
Monthly Minimum: $5.00
Set up Fee: VARY (Dependant upon merchant risk /credit)

Integration approaches

API, online, virtual terminal, physical terminal

Information for developers

Three Step Redirect API applies a three step methodology where
sensitive credit card information is transmitted directly to the payment
gateway through an end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection,
bypassing the merchant's server and payment application.  Merchants are
no longer subject to vulnerability scanning to become PCI certified.

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