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Dalpay online payment system


Updated on December 16, 2010
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General Information

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DalPay's fees are easy to understand. We only make money when you make money. That means no upfront fees, no monthly fees, or hidden fees.

Commission from Sale
Per Transaction Fee
Setup Fee Monthly Fee
USD 0.40* None None

*Average rate offered for standard risk tangible, or downloadable products. It depends on your business category. A refundable rolling reserve of 5-10% may also be required.

Our banks charge (EUR 8 or USD 10 or GBP 7) to settle bank wires to you, USD 15 if a wire sent bounces back. For each chargeback usually USD 25 is levied.

Integration approaches

When your business is approved and you open an account with DalPay, you link up to our payment processing gateway to process the payments from your customers in USD, EURO, GBP, YEN  or ISK. DalPay uses 100% electronic real-time processing with AVS (Address Verification Service) and can accept almost any Internet based business.

You can use DalPay' Demo Pages to set up your own orderpage where customers can enter or select their order.

Information for developers

Dalpay Payment Terms

Dalpay keeps records of charges on weekly online Statements.

For all payments:

There's an initial lead time of 21 days per transaction to cover possible credits and chargebacks.

It is possible to receive a wire bank transfer every 14 days or monthly, if:

  • You have regular weekly sales
  • Your account balance has reached USD 500 or more
  • You have sent in a signed copy of your DalPay profile and your profile is fully complete.
  • Your chargeback ratio is below 1% or your credit ratio is below 5%.
  • Your business type doesn't require special security measures (such as Travel, Gaming and other high risk merchants.)

 DalPay reserves the right to place merchant payments on a payment schedule, based on account history.

Wire Fees:

All International Bank Wires in USD: USD 25.00
All International Bank Wires in GBP: USD 10.00 within the EEC
USD 25.00 outside EEC
All International Bank Wires in EUR: USD 10.00 within the EEC
USD 25.00 outside EEC


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