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MultiCards online payment system


Updated on February 7, 2011
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General Information

MultiCards Internet Billing is a provider of online credit card and debit card processing and payment solutions to many retailers worldwide. MultiCards was one of the pioneer companies offering this type of service since 1995 and is a PCI / DSS certified Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) providing service to hundreds of retail websites worldwide.



Countries of use



private and business


Fee schedule

The following fee structure applies to all business models that apply for a direct merchant facility through our acquiring bank(s) and have been pre-approved by our internal Risk Department to continue the application process.

We can not guarantee approval from the acquiring bank. Please read our prohibited items list to see if your business model can be approved. 

Please use the pre-application form for a risk review of your website and business model.

Commission rate fee Per transaction fee Start Up Fee
Starting at 3.9% starting at 0.25 USD / EUR / GBP US$ 99

Your MultiCards account does include 1 standard PageID/Orderpage.
Additional order pages fee: US$ 25 (One-time charge)


MultiCards Payment Terms

MultiCards keeps records of charges on weekly online Statements.

For all payments:

Payments will be initiated 21 days after CLOSURE of the statement week wherein the account balance has reached USD/EUR/GBP 1,000 or more.

It is possible to receive a wire on a regular weekly basis, if:

  • You have regular weekly sales above USD/EUR/GBP 1,000;
  • You have sent in a signed copy of your MultiCards profile and your profile is fully complete;
  • Your chargeback ratio is below 1% or your credit ratio is below 5%;
  • Your business type doesn't require special security measures (such as Travel, Gaming and other high risk merchants).

MultiCards reserves the right to put merchants on a payment schedule if sales are irregular or do not exceed USD/EUR/GBP 1,000 per week.
MultiCards also reserves the right to put payments on hold if the sales volume on an account stops without prior notice given to MultiCards by the merchant.

Payment fees
Currency Destination Transaction fee
Euro within the EU region free
Euro outside the EU region € 20
US Dollar any $ 25
UK Pound any £ 15

Integration approaches

online web

Information for developers

MultiCards Merchant Account
  • Real-time credit card processing with instant verification
  • Real-time online stats and reporting (Merchant Menu)
  • Accept and get paid in USD, EURO or GBP
  • NO Monthly Fees, NO Statement Fees
  • Almost any business accepted, Easy Signup and Implementation
  • FREE support
Fraud screening
  • CVV2 and CVC2 code verification
  • Negative credit card database for fraud detection since 1995
  • MultiCards Credit Card Fraud Detection Service / Maxmind Fraud Scores
  • Bounce Email System
  • IP & Country Blocking
Membership Options and Rebillings
  • Monthly or quarterly automatic re-billing of customer charges
  • Protect online products/services/access with the pincode or username/password feature
  • Software delivery after instant credit card verification
Order Pages and Shopping Carts
  • SSL secured static order pages
  • Foreign currency order pages with real-time currency conversion
  • Foreign language order pages and customer confirmations
  • Orderpage customization
  • Compatible with affiliate programs
  • Compatible with commercial shopping carts


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