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eCarteBlanche online payment system


Updated on March 19, 2011
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General Information

Payroll, Expense Accounts and Affiliate Payments


eCarteBlanche International Prepaid Credit Cards can also be used as payroll cards which employers, organizations and merchants can use them replace paper checks and expensive bank wires for paying salaries, benefits, commissions expenses and affiliates. eCarteBlanche is reloadable and can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs. It can also be used anywhere major credit cards are accepted.


Now you can offer the convenience and security of direct deposits for all your employees or clients, even those who do not have, or prefer not to use, a bank account. eCarteBlanche offers businesses and organizations checkless bank accounts, where your employees/clients can access their money at almost any ATM - worldwide. They also help streamline the payroll process and eliminate existing administrative burdens and costs.  


 Cost-Effective, Convenient and Secure


Employers and Affiliate Programs can save money and resources associated with payroll processing and distribution costs while employees or affiliates benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that their wages or commissions are immediatelyaccurately and consistently deposited into their cards.


It’s a faster, safer, cheaper and all-around better way to manage your payouts!


Benefits to Employers and Merchants: 

           Simplify all your payouts 

           Reduce volume of paychecks and check issuing costs

           Reduce check distribution and replacement costs

           Reduce bank wire costs

           Reduce fraud potential – no stolen or falsely cashed checks

           Reduce reconciliation expenses

           Anyone is eligible, small or large webmasters alike, anywhere in the world

           All employees are eligible - no credit check necessary

           Ability to pay employees or affiliates without bank accounts, or who prefer cash


Benefits to Employees and Affiliates:

           Your money is deposited automatically every payday even while on vacation or travelling

           Eliminates bank transfer delays

           No time spent having to connect to the internet to check movement or activities

           No time spent waiting for, or picking up, a check

           No delays in receiving your funds

           No lost bank wires or stolen checks

           Gives you purchasing power anywhere major credit cards are accepted

           Withdraw funds 24/7 at thousands of ATMs around the world


You can check your balance and perform certain transactions anytime by text message through our SMS Banking System.



Countries of use

All countries.


Used for any type of payout or payroll for any type of organization or company to any type of recipient. Ideal for paying employees, clients, affiliates, webmasters etc.


- Fees are analysed per company individually

- User fees depend on card program

- Minimum order requirements applicable

Integration approaches

No special integration necessary 
API automated system available

Information for developers

Turn-key system. All transactions are performed through our web page, no additional programming required. API integration is optional.

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