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Web-Merchant online payment system


Updated on March 21, 2011
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General Information

Safe, secure and reliable online payments

Good morning and a warm welcome to Web-Merchant Services

Established in 1997 we set out to make taking payments online not just easier (we were the very first to develop the virtual terminal), but also cheaper. In that time we have helped thousands of companies, big and small, with their online payment requirements, providing them with ability to accept credit and debit card payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on their website or over the phone.

If you're looking for safe, secure, reliable and flexible internet merchant accounts, online card payments, virtual terminals, comprehensive anti-fraud systems, sophisticated risk management, integration guides and plug-ins, and repeat billing systems with secure customer management systems - we can help!

Complete 4 in 1 online payment solution
Merchant Account
Fundamental to accept credit and debit cards online
Merchant Account
Secure Gateway
Essential to send and authorise payments securely
Secure Payment Gateway
FREE Integration Guides and Support
Allowing you to integrate your website seamlessly
Integration Guides with FREE technical support
FREE Virtual Terminal or VPOS System
Enabling you to process mail order, telephone orders
FREE Virtual Terminal or VPOS System


Multi-Currency Processing




Internet Merchant Account Pricing and Costs
  No application fees, no monthly volumes, no deposits and nothing to pay now
  Prices include merchant account AND gateway
  The prices you see really are the prices you pay
  No admin fees for updating account and merchant information
  Dedicated account manager provided

Start-ups accepted. No trading history required *

Credit Cards you can accept... plus many many more!

Standard Merchant
Account + Gateway
Ideal for low - medium risk businesses



Monthly Fee


Credit Cards


Debit Cards


Gateway Fee



5 Days

Virtual Terminal


Rolling Reserve


High-Risk / Adult Merchant
Account + Gateway
Available for many high-risk businesses



Monthly Fee


Credit Cards


Debit Cards


Gateway Fee



14 Days

Virtual Terminal


Rolling Reserve


Gateway Only
For merchants who already have a MID



Monthly Fee


No charge for the first 350

transactions per month then

28p per additional transaction



Virtual Terminal


Rolling Reserve



Integration approaches

Standard Merchant Account (Solution 1)


We understand that our merchants vary with respect to their needs and requirements. Whether or not you have a Web site, our processing options give you the flexibility to select from one or all of our interfaces - Please click here to read more >>>

Standard Merchant Account (Solution 2)

There are several different ways to integrate your site/shopping cart to the Gateway Only. The way in which information about purchases is passed between your shop and the Gateway Only payment service is called the Integration method. Within this section you will also find FREE integration examples - Please click here to read more >>>

High-Risk and Adult Merchant Account

To integrate with the High-Risk and Adult Merchant Account + Gateway it is not necessary to integrate all the functionality exposed. Therefore it is important to understand the different processor operations and web services available prior to start the integration in order to decide the features you will need - Please click here to read more >>>


Testing your website integration.

Once you have started to integrate your website you will need to test it. We supply test environments for all of our accounts.

Test Accounts

The test environment can be used by our merchants to test their Web sites or application without actually running transactions through the payment processing engine. This allows merchants to make sure that their systems are working correctly before using our live environment.

Please note that credit cards transactions processed in the test environment are not sent to the banking network, but rather through a simulator. Depending on the information provided with the transaction request, the simulator returns either a successful or failed response.


Test Cards

When your site is ready for testing we will provide you with test credit cards. These cards enable you to simulate a different responses i.e. address not found, card not authorised, card authorised, card number not recognised, AVS check completed etc. Please be aware that only the card numbers we provide work properly. If you use a real credit card number, we cannot guarantee the response you will receive.


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Information for developers

1. Is the content real and not mock design text

If when having a website built the true content is not available, designers will often use mock, usually Latin, text to make it look like real content. However certain merchants either forget to replace this or deliberately leave it in. Either way this must be removed and real informational content used.

Not only does this help a customer know who you are and what you do, it also allows us to fully understand your business at time of application and also gives us confidence that you do really exist and are not simply trying to get the account fraudulently. It also means that customers are more likely to purchase from you and the risk of chargebacks from confused customers is significantly lowered.

2. Does your website display a refund policy

A refund policy should be clearly displayed on your website. This can be displayed anywhere on your site, as long as it is displayed before a customer makes a payment. Your refund policy may vary according to whether you are based in or out of the European Union:

If you are based within the EU: 
Where you are supplying consumers (i.e. individuals buying for themselves rather than for a business) you should make it explicit that the shopper has the right to cancel within seven days of their contract with you, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). You must also explain that if the shopper does cancel their order, they will have their payment returned and outline the procedures they must follow to return their goods or services (these requirements ensure you comply with EU regulations). There are variations to these rules where you are supplying services or making customised goods. For information on these rules you should go to: the DTi website or speak with your own business advisor. 

If you are based outside the EU: 

Local regulations may well apply and you should contact your local department of trade and commerce or a lawyer to find out what they are, but as a matter of good practice, if you do not accept returns you should include a statement making this clear to the shopper. For examples of refund policy statements, visit the websites of reputable retailers or seek advice from organisations such as UK Online for Business

3. As well as refund policy, does your website clearly show the following

  • Clear posting of the company's legal name on the website
  • Clear posting of the customer service telephone number and / or email address
  • Clear posting of the Terms and Conditions (if applicable)
  • Clear posting of the Privacy policy

The above should be displayed under their own headings. This makes it easier for the customer to view the relevant information and means that they do not need to spend time looking for it. If this information is collated in just once place i.e terms and conditions, then you will need to separate them accordingly.

4. Are your contact details displayed

You must clearly display your contact details for your shoppers. These details must include:

  • Clear posting of your postal address
  • Clear posting of the customer service telephone number
  • Clear posting of the customer service email address

5. Is your product pricing clearly stated

You must provide clear pricing on your website for the products or services on offer. Unless the website it for businesses only and not private individuals, you must show all prices including VAT.

6. Does your website display the logos of the cards you can accept

Your website must display the logos of the payment cards that can be accepted through your account (Clause 12b - Customer Agreement). If you are using the World Account the payment instruments' logos that you can accept will automatically be displayed on the secure payment page.

In addition, you are required to display on your website the logos of the payment instruments that you can accept. Ideally, the logos should be displayed at the point of entry to your shop. Thus ensuring that your shoppers are aware of the payment instruments that you accept before they make a purchase.

To download all the credit and debit card logos, including our own, please click here

7. Does your website have clear navigation

Your website must have clear a precise navigation. The navigation must enable a user to easily find their way around the website and find relevant information quickly.

8. Does the website look professional

A website is an extension of your business. If not your sole business. It is one of the only opportunities to establish, strengthen and maintain your brand in the eyes of prospective customers. A badly designed site will affect the time that your visitors and potential buyers stay on your site negatively and you will not be successful in your online business.

A well designed website will impart professionalism and show visitors that you care about your customers and your business. It will also convey a feeling of trust and people will rather buy your products when you have a good designed website than from a person who does not have a professional looking website.

9. Is your domain name registered in your own name and legal entity

Your web address (domain name) must be registered in your company name. The reason for this is that if a shopper searches your domain name, they can see who exactly owns the website they have spent money with. Basically everything needs to tally up for shopper confidence. This also helps stop fraudsters opening and closing businesses every couple of days.

10. Is your website PCI Compliant

PCI Compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard mandated by the card schemes for the protection of cardholders and transaction details. If you do not comply with the standard you could face substantial fines imposed by card schemes. You could even find yourself being permanently barred.


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