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SIX Card Solutions online payment system

SIX Card Solutions

Updated on July 15, 2011
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General Information

SIX Card Solutions  
We are a leading technology company, offering a modular range of products and services relating to card-based electronic payment transactions, plus total solutions for merchants (trading partners), acquirers (card processors) and Issuers (card distributors, such as financial institutions). About 340 members of staff act on behalf of national and international customers on a daily basis.

With innovations such as the cash machine, cashless petrol filling stations, cashless payment in retail outlets, the launch of a charge card and the multi-application chip card, SIX Card Solutions has certainly made its mark on the options available for withdrawing cash and making payments within the past 30 years.



Countries of use

All countries.


private and business


The costs of the Saferpay e-payment solutions are comprised of the following elements: 

  • License fees (one-time)
  • Activation fees (one-time)
  • Transaction packages 
  • Optional: Basic fees  

We offer preferential conditions for merchants with high transaction volumes. We will be happy to make you a customer offer.

>> Price list in EUR
>> Price list in CHF

The SIX Card Solutions Ltd General Business Conditions apply.

Integration approaches

Our demo shop integration is easy to use Choose your preferred integration option (eCommerce or Business) and watch how a payment proceeds with Saferpay as your e-payment solution.

Saferpay eCommerce integration
During the ordering process in the online shop the Saferpay Virtual Terminal opens, which is the Saferpay payment window. You can use the Virtual Terminal to entirely conduct the payment. You can follow up the payment result in the back office of the Saferpay test account. 

Saferpay Business integration
This involves a complete integration of Saferpay in your online shop. In the process, Saferpay is customized to each individual shop. Using our customer Fleurop as an example, we show what such an integration looks like.

Experience a Business integration in a PDF presentation (available in German only).

Information for developers

Industry-specific solutions for e-commerce and the mail-order business 
For all e-commerce and mail-order merchants that would like to deploy simple, yet secure e-payment processing for their online commerce, we offer the reliable and professional Saferpay e-payment platform.


  • Saferpay has prevailed as the standard for e-payment solutions and has become synonymous for “secure paying on the Internet”. 

  • With Saferpay you can easily offer a wide range of payment means for their online transactions. Moreover,

  • Saferpay enables the secure online processing of written and phone orders in the mail-order business.



A great variety of payment means – more turnover!

Boost your turnover by offering a variety of payment means! With Saferpay you can offer your customers all popular payment means through a single interface – flexibly, easily & securely! You can accept all popular credit cards and debit cards with Saferpay. You can activate new payment means at any time or deactivate existing ones and thus can flexibly react to your e-commerce requirements.

Securely more profitable!

SIX Card Solutions offers you comprehensive solutions from a single source to make cashless, electronic payment processing for you as a merchant in e-commerce or in the phone/mail-order business as secure and convenient as possible. The e-payment solution supports all the latest security standards. Increase confidence among your customers!

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