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AliPay online payment system


Updated on January 21, 2012 by demetris
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General Information

Alipay (www.alipay.com) is China's leading third-party online payment solution, providing an easy, safe and secure way for millions of individuals and businesses to make and receive payments on the Internet. As of September 2011, Alipay had more than 600 million registered users and facilitated around 11 million transactions daily.

Alipay provides an escrow payment service that reduces transaction risk for online consumers. Shoppers have the ability to verify whether they are happy with goods they have purchased before releasing funds to the seller.

Alipay is the preferred online payment tool of Internet merchants due to its innovative product technology, unique concept and large user base. In addition to Taobao and Alibaba.com, Alipay provides payment solutions in China for more than 500,000 external merchants for online retail, virtual gaming, digital communications, commercial services, air ticketing and utilities fee payment transactions.

Alipay's core mission is to provide a safe and reliable online payment service. In addition to the SSL-constructed safe digital transmission channel, Alipay provides high-quality, tailor-made security products and solutions catering to users, including digital certificates, mobile dynamic passwords, security control, SMS notification, dual password and a back-end real-time risk treatment system.

To ensure access security of partner merchants, Alipay adopts various technical solutions such as MD5 and digital signatures to guarantee data authenticity and integrity in the transmission process from interfaces outside China.

Alipay's international business adopts the direct payment model. Once the buyer has paid then this sum of money will, if reaching 5,000 USD or 40,000 HKD, transfer immediately to the settling bank , then to your clearing bank.



Countries of use



B2C, C2C


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Integration approaches

Small initial investment: requiring only connection of Alipay's API to a website to realize an easy entry into the Chinese market.

Information for developers

Alipay has API support. The API technical file currently supports four languages: ASP, PHP, JAVA and .NET.

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