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BluePay online payment system


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General Information

BluePay partners with local and global merchants to make accepting credit cards, electronic checks, and other payment options simple and fast. We provide the highest level of data security in the industry, ensuring that our merchants never have to worry about compromised card information. We have the merchant account solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry we service, and offer a variety of credit card processing options to scale with the distinctive business plans of our clients.

BluePay is a single source provider for all of our merchants’ payment processing needs. We are a full service Tier 1 credit card processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers across the United States. We leverage our extensive industry experience and comprehensive suite of credit card merchant account services to provide a complete system of credit card processing solutions with competitive rates.

BluePay offers an array of merchant services designed for unique businesses in competitive markets. To learn more about how we can help you save, streamline and secure payments – click the Merchant Type or Solution that fits your need.


  • Virtual Terminal
  • Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Account
  • ACH Payments
  • Electronic Billing & Invoicing
  • Tokenization
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • End-to-End Encryption ( E2EE )
  • Secure Hosted Payment Form POS Systems
  • Mobile Processing
  • PCI Compliance
  • Credit Card Machines
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Batch Credit Card Processing
  • Merchant Lending Program  

Merchant Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Enterprise
  • E-Commerce
  • Websites
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Gas Stations
  • B2B Non-Profits
  • Canadian Merchants



Countries of use

USA, Canada


bussines, personal



  • Lowest Rates Retail
  • Lowest Rates MOTO / Inet
  • Deposit Funding
  • In-House Service / Support
  • Rates as low as .95%
  • Rates as low as 1.99%
  • Next Day Available / 24 hours std
  • 24/7 Live Person Support (In-House)
  • Rates as low as 1.19%
  • Rates as low as 2.19%
  • 48 - 72 Hours
  • Outsourced to 3rd Party



Integration approaches

Payment Plugins, API

Information for developers


Gateway Interfaces
This is a comprehensive list of currently published BluePay APIs.

BluePay 2.0 Post (bp20post) DocumentationTest Form
Name/value pairs are posted to the gateway which returns the results as name/value pairs.
Samples: ASPPHPRuby

BluePay 2.0 XML Post (asby) Documentation
XML based interface to the gateway.

BluePay 1.0 Post (bp10emu) DocumentationTest Form
Name/value pairs are posted to the gateway which responds with name/value pairs. Same concept as bp20post but the data is formatted differently.
Samples: ASPCold FusionJava.NetPerlVisual Basic 6

BluePay 2.0 Redirect (bp10emu) Documentation
The customer fills out a html form served from the merchant’s web server. When they click submit the information they filled in is sent to the redirect interface. It then processes the transaction and redirects the customer’s web browser to a web page on the merchant’s web server.
Tool: Form Maker under the Help section in the gateway.

BluePay Express (shpf) Documentation
Service where a order form can be securly hosted on the BluePay gateway server. Primarily used as a front end for BluePay 2.0 Redirect.
Tool: Default Template URL Generator

BluePay 1.0 Hosted Payment Form (hpf) Documentation
This interface can be used from static html. It also offers basic shopping cart functionality.
Tool: Button Maker

BluePay Authorize.net AIM Emulator (a.net) Documentation
This interface allows existing Authorize.net integrations to communicate to the BluePay gateway.

BluePay 2.0 Batch Upload (bp20bu) Documentation
Interface to upload comma delimited batch files into the gateway for processing.
Sample: PHP

BluePay Rebill Administration (bprebadmin) Documentation
This interface is for updating and canceling rebillings set up in the BluePay gateway.

BluePay Daily Report (bpdailyreport) DocumentationTest Form
A reporting interface for the retrieval of transaction data.
Sample: Perl

BluePay Daily Report 2 (bpdailyreport2) DocumentationTest Form
A newer version of the reporting interface for the retrieval of transaction data.
Sample: PHP

BluePay Single Transaction Query (stq) DocumentationTest Form
Interface that can retrieve transaction information of a single transaciton using the transaction ID, merchant defined order_id or other search criteria.

BluePay Manager Batch Upload Documentation

Rebill Post Documentation

Trans Notify Post Documentation


Payment Plugins



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