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Crystal Payments online payment system

Crystal Payments

Updated on February 10, 2012 by demetris
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General Information

Crystal Payments is a payment processing company which provides a wide range of services from credit card processing to debit card issuing and offshore banking and incorporation. Crystal Payments comes with 10 years of experience in the credit card industry.

Crystal Payments's offshore and high risk merchant accounts allow you, as an eCommerce merchant, to process credit card payments online, which is the most favorable and popular payment method for online shoppers today. Whether you are selling web-hosting services, pre-paid phone cards, clothes, software, or batteries, as far as Crystal Payments is concerned, we are here to provide you with a stable and secure online credit card processing service at low processing rates.

We offer real-time credit card processing services that are easily and quickly integrated into any existing online business. You will be able to accept your clients' credit card payments in no time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will integrate our service into an existing order page or provide you with a customized order page.

Credit Cards Features


  • 3D & Non 3D available (Note: We encourage 3D Secure)
  • Direct access to Virtual Terminal
  • API interface or hosted order page
  • Acceptance of the main credit card types
  • Secure Server (under SSL certificate)
  • Complete products, services and membership management
  • Shipping fees management
  • Integration, reporting and password management tools
  • Advanced Fraud protection system


ACH Check (E-Check) processing

While credit cards are the most widely accepted form of online payment, Crystal Payments ACH (online check) solution gives merchants the ability to accept ACH payments and increase transaction volumes by 20% or more. We offer enhanced verification options with this service, along with our enhanced fraud scrubbing modules to minimize fraud and returns. Merchants have the ability to accept an electronic check in the virtual terminal, on the payment form, and in Direct Mode, with little or no changes to their websites. This additional element is provided with all the same supplementary features as our credit card processing, including real-time reports, recurring billing, membership management, as well as customizable forms and email receipts.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches network. ACH is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) Operating Rules which provide for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as ACH Operators, central clearing facilities through which financial institutions transmit or receive ACH entries.

Money Transfer

Money Transfer generally refers to cashless modes of payment system. At Crystal Payments, we offer merchants the option to receive money through Western Union & Money Gram.




All Currencies, Payout only USD

Countries of use

All countries


personal and business





Clients whom are on their own account or deemed high risk by our banks will have a minimum payout amount of USD2000. For any week with less than USD2000 in volume, the amount will be brought forward to the next payment week for accumulation. Merchants that are of normal ecommerce will have no minimum payout. If you think you are considered a low risk online retailer please contact your Crystal Payments account manager for further details on your payout schedule and fees.


  Merchant Account Packages
Package 1 - Silver   Package 2 - Gold   Package 3 - Platinum   Remarks
Volume/Definition Below than USD50k/month
Gift Shop, Blogspot
Discount Rate 3.5% - 5.5%   3.0% - 5.0%   2.5% - 4.5%   (Min - Max)
Annual Fee Waived   Waived   Waived    
Application Fee Waived   Waived   Waived    
Setup Fee Will be finalized only after complete merchant application package is received.
Monthly Minimum Volume No   No   No    
Pre-Approval Application Review Free   Free   Free    
Virtual Terminal Free (Upon request
& subject to Approval)
  Free   Free    
Technical Support Free   Free   Free    
Call Center Sales/Support No   Yes   Yes    
Dedicated Account Manager Yes   Yes   Yes    
Fraud Check System Free   Free   Free    
- Customizable Fraud Check
No   Yes   Yes    
Processing Currency USD   USD, Euro & one currency choose on
your own
  Multiple Currency    
Free Debit Card 1   5   10   You can now use
for your employee/
partners' commission payout.



Integration approaches

buttons, plugins, API

Information for developers

API Documentation


Integration Sample Codes


Checkout Buttons


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