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OneCard online payment system


Updated on March 31, 2012
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General Information


  • Launched in Saudi Arabia in 2004, OneCard has made headlines globally for its unique approach to online services as well as its customer service strategy. By providing Middle East consumers with a platform to demand more online facilities in Arabic as well as services catering specifically to their culture and society; OneCard has played an instrumental part in developing the Internet for the Arab communities worldwide.
  • OneCard is not only the most comprehensive online payment solution you’ll ever need; it is also a tool that empowers users to shop and buy Internet connectivity, fixed and mobile communication services, stock market solutions, educational resources and much more.
  • OneCard is a vision for how the Internet will combine the best of what’s on offer today to make your lifestyle easier, simpler and safer! Developed and supported by National Net Ventures (N2V); OneCard aims to be the only online payment that you’ll ever need when you’re online!



Countries of use

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait


private and business


Prepaid cards


Country Card type Price Meed Price
 Saudi Arabia 10 points
30 points
70 points
150 points
300 points
12 SAR
36 SAR
82 SAR
168 SAR
325 SAR
13 SAR
38 SAR
84 SAR
170 SAR
335 SAR
 Egypt 20 points
50 points 
100 points 
200 points 
500 points
23 EGP
57.5 EGP
115 EGP
220 EGP
570 EGP
 Kuwait $10
3,500 KWD
8,250 KWD
16 KWD
31.500 KWD
62 KWD



Fawry is available at Egypt ONLY!


Card Type Price
10 points 21.8 EGP
50 points 54 EGP
100 points 109 EGP
200 points 218 EGP
500 points 545 EGP


Masary is available at Egypt ONLY!


Card Type Price
10 points 11 EGP
20 points 22 EGP
50 points 55 EGP
100 points 110 EGP
200 points 220 EGP
500 points 550 EGP

Bank transfers

With no extra fees!
Transfer money from your bank account to OneCard's bank account, and get same amount at
your OneCard account right away!

UA exchange

UAE Exchangeis avalible at UAE ONLY!
(AED 12) are aplied per transaction for UAE exchange.


7% from charging amount are applied per transaction

Credit Card

Only 3% wil be aded to the recharged amount. and if your currency is not SAR the 
bank conversion rate wil be applied.

Integration approaches

online, prepaid cards

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