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Dwolla online payment system


Updated on September 4, 2012
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General Information


For Consumers

Dwolla securely works with your bank or credit union account to pipe money into our next generation payment network. Once the funds are safely inside Dwolla, users are able to send the money through our online and mobile tools.

Unlike plastic, which carries sensitive financial information inside the 16 digits on the card, Dwolla never exposes you to the threat of credit card or identity fraud. How? We don’t include the "sensitive financial information" in the transactions. Simple and smart, huh? Move your money, not your financial well-being.

Dwolla taps into the power of mobile devices to bring you the new tools, services, and overall convenience that you've grown to expect from 21st century technologies.

When you enable our Instant feature, you’ll have even faster access to cash whenever or wherever you need it most

Splitting a tab or paying back a bet has never been easier. With Dwolla, users can link their social networks to send money to their online communities, regardless of whether or not the recipient has a Dwolla account.

Inside our mobile applications, exploring and paying merchants has never been easier. Simply open the Spots map or turn on Proxi and send money to those closest to you.


For Merchants

With Dwolla, transactions under $10 are free and everything else is just 25 cents per transaction. A new kind of payment network means a new kind of price point.

There are no contracts, no registrations costs, no hidden fees, no annual charges, no membership dues, no terminal fees, no setup fees, and no expensive PCI compliance. Nothing but the quarter we ask for on transactions over $10.

PCI compliance demands that the sensitive financial information found inside card-based transactions is secured by merchants. Well, we just went ahead and removed the sensitive financial information from the transaction for you. More of your money, less liability.

Dwolla provides businesses, large and small, the free tools to monitor incoming Dwolla transactions, all on devices you probably already have.

From Shopify to creLoaded, Dwolla offers numerous plug-ins and technologies that make it easy for online merchants to add the network as a payment option inside your shopping cart



Countries of use



private and business



Transaction fees

Cost to send money: $0.00

Cost to request money: $0.00

Cost to receive $10 or less: $0.00

Cost to receive more than $10: $0.25



Account opening fees

Cost to open Dwolla account (personal, merchant, non-profit): $0.00

Cost to attach bank accounts: $0.00



Account feature fees

Cost for auto withdrawal: $0.00

Cost for manual withdrawal: $0.00

Cost to request funds with invoice attached: $0.00

Cost to enable Hub Page: $0.00

Cost to enable Dwolla Spots and Proxi: $0.00

Cost to create a Dwolla button: $0.00

Dwolla Instant: An opt-in feature

Monthly participation fee for Dwolla Instant: $3.00

Late fee: $5.00


Information for developers

There is developers networks http://developers.dwolla.com/

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