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Bango online payment system


Updated on November 12, 2012
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General Information

Bango's pervasive presence across leading app stores and brands provides a unique advantage for merchants. The Bango Platform automatically identifies hundreds of millions of mobile users, delivering more frictionless, one-click payments than anyone else.


Bango for app stores

Bango powers mobile payments for leading app stores, including BlackBerry App WorldTM. We deliver everything from simple pay-to-download to advanced subscription services, supplying the very latest direct operator billing technology, credit cards and PayPal to meet your entire app store and in-app payment needs.

Bango navigates all the merchant of record, taxation and settlement complexities, handles large-scale developer on-boarding with automatic account creation and mass out payment of earnings.

We deliver detailed real-time reporting to app store owners and developers, covering payments, refunds, app and website use, as well as comprehensive marketing campaign measurement.

Detailed customer care tools allow fast transaction lookup from mobile number, with easy refund and subscription management, everything you need to give your customers the best possible experience.

Only Bango has all the technology and proven experience to deliver the reliability your customers demand.


Bango for operators

Bango powers a variety of portal analytics, payment and age verification systemsfor leading operators around the world, from Telefónica UK to Telecom New Zealand.

Bango mobile payment connects you to a wealth of commercial opportunities, allowing subscribers to pay on-bill with major app stores, such as Facebook, BlackBerry App World, the Opera Mobile App Store and leading brands including Electronic Arts and Dada. Deliver a proven set of APIs, on-boarding, out-payment, management and customer care solutions.

Our age verification technology is proven to automatically deliver protection for your subscribers and help protect your reputation.

Bango mobile analytics delivers a unified view across all portals, simplifying measurement and optimization. Bango partners with operators, handset manufacturers and browser companies to provide the most accurate user identification and information. Understand your subscribers and deliver the correct portal services - even over Wi-Fi. Measure visitors from other operators and deliver the appropriate marketing messages.

Only Bango has all the technology and proven experience to deliver the data you need to succeed.


Bango for publishers and developers
Mobile payment and analytics for websites and apps

Bango delivers mobile payment and analytics solutions to leading publishers and app developers; including EA, Belron, Glu and Dada. We make it easy to sell digital content, services or apps directly to mobile customers and get an accurate understanding of their behavior and engagement levels – perfect for ad-funded monetization models.

Only Bango enables you to massively expand your one-click payment reach and get accurate customer insights not available anywhere else.



Countries of use



App Stores, Mobile Operators, Publishers & Developers



  • Payment Spain – US $499 / £299 / €399 per month (before taxes)
  • Payment World – sell internationally with operator billing ($1,290 / £799 / €999 per month)
  • Payment USA – sell in the US with operator billing ($499 / £299 / €399 per month)
  • Payment UK – sell in the UK with operator billing ($499 / £299 / €399 per month)
  • Payment Credit Card – sell internationally with credit card ($99 / £59 / €79 per month
  • Payment EMEA – sell in Europe and Africa with operator billing ($799 / £539 / €669 per month)
  • Payment Asia Pacific – sell in Southeast Asia and Australasia with operator billing ($439 / £299 / €369 per month)

Information for developers


User Information API

User information supports the following scenarios:

  • Which Bango User IDs have opted into your marketing messages
  • Get the MSISDN/MDN for a Bango User ID
  • Get the Bango User ID for a MSISDN/MDN
  • You want to get the identity network ID for a Bango User ID
  • You want to inform Bango that a user has opted into your marketing messages
  • You want to inform Bango that a user has opted out of your marketing messages
  • You want to know if a user or MSISDN is age verified
  • You want to know the network for a gateway IP address

Download the User Information API integration guide here


Subscriptions API

The Bango subscription service allows you to charge users for your service/content on a regular and recurring basis.

The subscription Web Services API allows you to query actions and events surrounding your subscription service. It allows you to check the status of both the subscription itself (i.e. is the subscription active, has the user paid etc), check the status of an individual payment, or even to cancel an individual subscription.

Download the Subscriptions integration guide here


Direct Billing API

The Bango Direct Billing API allows you to initiate within an on-handset application or a PC web site. In a standard on-handset browser-based payment experience, the user is redirected to a Bango-hosted payment page and asked to accept the charge before being returned to the CP for content delivery.

The Direct Billing API allows you to offer the same clear payment experience outside the browser, supporting scenarios like a PC web site needing to bill a user or an on-handset application. The payment user experience is controlled by and presented by your application or web site - Bango has no direct interaction with the end user.

The Direct Billing API gives you rich real-time information on each billing attempt - was billing successful and if not, exactly why the payment failed (e.g. user out of credit; suspended/hotlined etc). You can use this real-time payment result data to optimize your user experience.

Download the Direct Billing API integration guide here


Billing Information API

The Billing Information API allows you to programmatically access the BillRankTM payment method selection and ranking engine so you can check available payment routes and price points in real-time.

  • Retrieve a list of possible payment methods for a specific price point / User combination
  • Retrieve a list of available price points for a given payment route
  • Retrieve a full list of current or past currency conversion rates
  • Convert a specific price from one currency to another

Download the Billing Information API integration guide here


Package Management & Number Management APIs

The Bango Package Management and Number Management services allow you to create and configure Packages, Bango Numbers and manage price points, content ratings and information within the Bango system.

There are currently two services available which function separately:

Package Management

This service contains methods for creating new packages on the Bango system, updating or cancelling existing packages (and all of their associated Bango Numbers and price points), retrieving details about existing packages, managing financial processes and information, and, finally, binding and managing PayPal account details for out-payments associated with a package.

Number Management

This service contains methods for creating new Bango Numbers on the Bango system, enabling numbers for premium billing, managing price points and content ratings, managing existing Bango numbers via updates or deletions, and, finally, methods for retrieving information on Bango Numbers associated with a package.

If you would like to start using these APIs please contact your Bango account manager or contactsales@bango.com.

Download the Package & Number Management API integration guide here



The Bango IDXML service is a non-interactive service which leverages the capabilities of the Bango Identifier service to provide user identification of a mobile phone user.

Using information passed to us by mobile carriers and other sources, Bango is able to tell exactly who an end user is, what carrier network they are on and the country they are in.

If you would like to start using this API please contact your Bango account manager or contactsales@bango.com.

Download the IDXML API integration guide here


Event Notification API

The Bango Event Notification service sends notifications about selected events related to your mobile store or services directly to your servers. Events are sent to you as XML documents via HTTP or HTTPS.

Each event relates to a number of objects in the Bango system

  • Subscription activity
    • Started
    • Renewed
    • Cancelled
  • User purchased content
  • Opted in/out of marketing information

Alongside the event source/action, the event notification service will also send supporting data for the event. This is normally a list of object IDs in the Bango system associated with this event (e.g. the User ID, the Bango Number and the Subscription ID).

Download the Event Notification integration guide here


Analytics API

These standard reports are available using the Bango Analytics Web Services API. You can use them to extract information for importing into your own system.

  • Traffic Report
  • Payment Report
  • Subscriptions Report
  • Refunds Report
  • Content URLs Report
  • Analytics URLs Report

Download the Analytics API integration guide here


App Analytics API

Bango Application Analytics is an analytics solution for mobile applications. When an event happens in a mobile application it is sent to Bango. Bango will then store this data and it will be available to be reported on.

Available reports include:

  • Session reports
  • User and Usage reports
  • Device details reports
  • Event reports
  • Error reports
  • Video plays reports

SDK's are available for several platforms including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7. See the complete list and download them here.

Download the Analytics API integration guide here


Bango Relay

With Relay you can:

  • Set prices and currencies dynamically
  • Use just one Bango Number to charge for multiple items of content
  • Find out a customer's User ID in real time to track repeat users
  • Protect against fraud by using security tokens
  • Find out the exact amount you will earn for a transaction in real-time
  • Have the customer's mobile network and region returned to you in real-time
  • Have the customer's current connection network and region returned to you in real-time
  • Customise the payment flow dynamically

Download the Relay integration guide here


Bango Identifier

Using information passed to us by mobile operators and other sources, Bango is able to tell exactly who a customer is, what operator network they are on and the country they are in.

Each customer is assigned a number when they visit Bango for the first time, this is their User ID. No two users will ever have the same User ID, and the User ID will never change for a single user.

With the Identifier you can:

  • Find out if a user is new or has used your service before
  • Offer a personalized experience to your customers
  • Offer promotions to reward loyal repeat customers
  • Hide adult content from those users who have barred it
  • Tailor your service based on a customer's country or network
  • Make recommendations based on a customers purchase history
  • Offer your customers a token based service
  • Measure the return on investment for your marketing spend

Download the Identifier integration guide here

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