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Square online payment system


Updated on February 4, 2013
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General Information

A card reader, simple pricing, and smarter business tools make it 
easy for merchants to do what they love and get paid.


Free Secure Card Reader

Sign up and we’ll mail you a free card reader. The reader 
fits right in your pocket and securely encrypts every swipe.


Easy Setup

Download the free Square Register app and link your bank 
account. No setup fees or long-term contracts. You’ll be 
accepting payments on your smartphone or iPad in minutes.


Simple Pricing

Pay just 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards or a flat 
monthly $275. No other fees—so you know exactly what 
you pay. Square’s pricing fits businesses of all sizes.


Get Paid Fast

Funds from swiped payments are deposited directly into 
your bank account within 1-2 business days.

A wallet holds credit and debit cards, half-punched loyalty cards, wrinkled checks, and ancient receipts. But a wallet should do more. It should help you discover great places and earn you rewards. It should help you build relationships, not just pay for things.


Upgrade your wallet.

Download Square Wallet and link your credit or
debit card. Simply say your name to pay.

  • Discover new favorites

    Explore the Square directory to find
    great places nearby. Save your favorites,
    collect rewards, and share with friends.

  • Pay hands free

    Enable Hands-Free Checkout at your
    favorite businesses, stash your phone,
    and simply say your name to pay.

  • Feel like a regular

    At checkout, your name and photo
    appear on the register. The cashier
    confirms it’s you to complete the sale.



Give unforgettable gifts.

Fun to send. Even more fun to use. Treat your friends to their neighborhood favorites with Square gift cards.

Earn rewards for your purchases.

Explore the Square directory to discover great places nearby. Get rewards for coming back.

Square Wallet is available on a large and growing collection of popular smartphones. 
The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.



Countries of use

USA, Canada


private and business



  One Price per Swipe One Price per Month
Any card swiped with Square  2.75% 0%
Any payment from a customer paying with Square Wallet  2.75% 0%
Keyed-in 3.5% + 15¢ 3.5% + 15¢
Activation $0 $0
Annual fee $0 $0
Monthly fee $0 $275
Gateway fee $0 $0
Chargeback fee $0 $0
Refund fee $0 $0
Cash transaction fee $0 $0
How much can I accept? Unlimited swipes $400 per swipe and $250,000 annually*
*Swiped transactions over these amounts simply cost 2.75% per swipe. In the event your swiped and Square Wallet transaction volume exceeds $20,833 per month, you will be charged Square's per swipe fees for each subsequent transaction submitted in the same month. Learn more about what to expect if you exceed the small business pricing limit.

Note: There's no limit to the amount you can accept with Square. For manually-entered payments (payments for which the card is not swiped), there is a $2,002 weekly deposit limit.You can accept more than $2,002 in manually-entered payments during any trailing seven day period, though Square will defer depositing the amount in excess of $2,002 for 30 days. If you foresee yourself and your staff primarily processing manually-entered transactions and accepting more than $2,002 in a given week, please begin the application process here. We'd be happy to increase your deposit limit to an amount that works best for your business. This limit does not apply to swiped transactions.

Integration approaches

mobile & online

Information for developers


We do not currently offer an API for using Square as an e-commerce solution or as a way to process payments through our website.

In order to process payments with Square, you'll need to download Square Register onto a compatible mobile device running Apple iOS or Android. Learn more about supported mobile devices.

Learn more about which activities can be done on your mobile device versus your online account.

If a Square API or e-commerce solution becomes available in the future, we'll be sure to announce it.

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