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Java Transmit online payment system

Java Transmit

Updated on March 21, 2013
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General Information


JAVA Transmit is an electronic currency specifically designed for its customers / members and is developed as a fast, easy and safe payment system for financial transactions via the internet (e-commerce). It is an electronic currency which is only valid for transactions on the internet.

Opening an account is free of charge and the cost for each transaction is very low. There is no requirement for minimum balance or the amount of fund transferred. Each member may make or receive transfer money from another member instantly.

JAVA Transmit apply 2 (two) currencies, namely Rupiah and US Dollar, which are counted separately. Rupiah currency is equivalent to Indonesia Rupiah currency. Likewise, US Dollar currency is equivalent to United State of America Dollar currency.

To deposit or withdrawal from JAVA Transmit account into Rupiah or US$ currency and accepts fund transfers through Bank must go through intermediaries institution is called Paying Agent. Members are encouraged to use Authorized Paying Agent to perform the transactions. You can request that payment be made via bank transfer, ATM, internet banking or other payment methods provided by respective Paying Agent, where the cost is low.



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The fees charged by JAVA Transmit are very low, as follows:

  • JAVA Transmit Account Rupiah: Rp.100,- + 1% per transaction maximum Rp.10.000,- charged to Receiver.
  • JAVA Transmit Account US$: US$0.01 + 1% per transaction maximum US$1.00 charged to Receiver.
  • No fees for account opening, transfer payment and monthly administration.
  • Minimum payment for account Rupiah: Rp.200 dan account USD: US$0.02

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