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Epoch online payment system


Updated on May 15, 2013
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General Information

Epoch is an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) which enables merchants to accept payments online. If you received a bill to your bank or credit card that led you to this page, we may have processed a charge to your account on behalf of an Internet merchant. You can retrieve information about charges to your account by using the forms below or by contacting our world class customer service department 24 hours per day.

Epoch has multiple premium features available to every merchant at no extra cost. Our EzClick suite of features offers a variety of ways to cross sale other sites. We also have functions built in to our system which allow you to offer customers an instant upgrade from trial to full membership as well as a customized loyalty discount offer for your canceling members. Our EpochStats program offers free cascading to alternative billers and full affiliate tracking to secondary processors. This gives you a lot of power at your fingertips and doesn't cost you a penny more.


CROSS-SELLS - Epoch leads the industry with the most ways to efficiently offer your customers additional products and websites. Our ethically designed cross-sell features help you to increase sales and improve member retention.
CAM CHARGE - Simply the best billing interface available from a full-service billing provider, Epoch's CamCharge feature allows your customers to purchase additional time on your cam site without re-entering their card number. This feature also allows for variable charge amounts.
UPSELLS - With Epoch, your customer can choose to be instantly upgraded from a trial to a full membership, or, to purchase access to an additional site without the need to re-enter their card number.
RETENTION OFFER - Offer your canceling members a loyalty discount -or- access to an additional site to entice them to remain a subscriber. You can set the retention price and set the parameter of when to make these types of offers. Available online and from our call center.



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Processing rates adjust automatically based on your sales volume.
0 - $5,000 15.00% (no reserve)
$5,001 - $7,000 14.75% (no reserve)
$7,001 - $9,000 14.50% (no reserve)
$9,001 - $12,000 14.25% (no reserve)
$12,001 - $15,000 14.00% (no reserve)
$15,001 - $20,000 13.75% (no reserve)
$20,001 - $25,000 13.50% (no reserve)
$25,001 - $35,000 13.25% (no reserve)
$35,001 - $45,000 13.00% (no reserve)
$45,001 and above - Please contact our SALES DEPARTMENT
EPOCH RESERVE - 0% compared to most processors, which charge between 5% - 10% of the last six months' gross sales.
PAYMENTS - made every Friday, two weeks in arrears. You have the option of having your payments sent by check or wire. Epoch can also pay your affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

EpochStats allows you to easily operate your own affiliate/reseller program by giving you virtually all the tools you need. Track sales by URL or affiliate, see conversion ratios and forecast potential earnings. With Epoch as your primary processor, you can send denied transactions to a secondary processor and your affiliate sales are tracked throughout the process. At your option, Epoch can pay your affiliates for you even for sales processed by another biller.

Epoch offers a long list of features you can use to increase sales and retention. Our EzClick suite of products can be used to cross sell products to any other merchant that uses Epoch as a processor or to upsell your customers to other sites of your own. You may opt for instant upgrades from trials to full memberships and offer loyalty discounts to canceling members. And best of all, almost all of our features require no programming or integration on your part.

Epoch operates a full-time call center to service your customers from around the world. Our billing support center is equipped to handle calls in 108 different languages at any time. Calls are taken instantly by live agents and your customers are never directed into a series of menu options. Or, your customers can have a live chat with our agents via our online messenger.

With over ten years of experience processing high-risk transactions, we have an enormous amount of data which helps us to maintain association ratios and develop forecast models. It is our job to ensure that you are able to convert as much traffic into sales as possible without putting your business at risk. We monitor your traffic and your portfolio to maximize throughput and retention safely and securely. Epoch is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP).

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