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Plan B Payments online payment system

Plan B Payments

Updated on June 4, 2013
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With more businesses turning to the internet, an online mode of payment has become a necessity. In a world where the Internet and smart phones are now taken as staples of everyday life, merchants who do not accept credit cards online or do not have access to other solutions for Online payment processing are losing business. We at Plan B Payments are dedicated to providing excellent and unmatched solutions to our customers in Online Payment Processing.  We specialize in setting up h igh risk merchant accounts for difficult to acquire online merchants,  as well as traditional Merchant Accounts for Internet merchants worldwide . The High risk payment processing space is being squeezed by the banking industries flight from risk, affecting high risk merchants, limiting their scope of bank choice and causing disruptions to business operations. As long as the Merchants operations are legal, allowable under Card Association rules and Charge-backs are at a manageable level we have Acquiring bank partners and partner IPSP's ready to assess your application.  With our vast network of  Acquiring Banks, IPSP's & Third party p ayment service providers worldwide, regardless of your time in business, we can get you approved for a merchant account. We will help you compare rates and offers from various Acquirer's and IPSP's in our network, and get your application approved quickly and easily.


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