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Updated on January 20, 2010
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General Information

In 1992, ChekDEBIT, Incorporated was founded in Saint Petersburg, Florida by David Weiss. The company specialized in check draft printing and bank verification services. In 1996, ChekDEBIT changed its name to Creative Payment Services as direction moved into becoming a credit card service provider. In 1999, Creative Payment Services became Paybyweb, as the company made the leap into the Internet Payment world.






Merchant Account Fees
       Activation: FREE
      Trans Rate: 2.29%
       Trans Fee: .38 
Statement Fee:  $10/mo

Gateway Fees
Activation:  FREE (Save $199) 3
    Service: $15/Mo
 Per Trans: 100 FREE EACH MONTH

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 You Get All This...FREE  

  •       Merchant Account Activation
  •       Merchant Account Application
  •       E-Check Setup (authorize.net merchants)
  •       Set up with American Express
  •       Virtual Terminal to manually enter orders
  •       24/7 Customer Support
  •       Daily Funds Deposit into your checking account
  •       Online Reporting 24 hrs a day
  •       Gateway Activation with settings review Merchant Acct Fees
  •      Cancel Anytime with NO PENALTY!

Recent news

Posted on August 23, 2014
Difficulty Getting a Merchant Account...Why all the Trouble?

So, maybe you have not been denied a merchant account.  Maybe you have not had a merchant account terminated in the past...but, maybe you have.  You likely know someone who has had a merchant account closed by the merchant service provider's security department.  Why does this happen?

Most merchants do not realize that the companies processing their credit card transactions are banks.   Banks do NOT like to lose money...EVER!  It is just not in the best interest of a bank to lose money.  these processors spend BILLIONS of dollars to prevent theft/loss.  Their security departments work around the clock scouring every transaction being processed, looking for fraudulent activity or behavior.  What triggers them to go after a merchant?  Wouldn't you like to know.  You won't!  Processors keep this information proprietary.  The processes involved are ever evolving as technology changes.  While much of the fraud comes from outside the U.S., millions of dollars in fraudulent activity occurs virtually on a daily basis.  While some of this is being done via transactions, more happens from bad guys hacking into databases to steal credit card and other personal information, stored in servers. 

There is no doubt that the bad guys have made it worst for those of you who are good and legitimate business people.  We receive notices almost every day from the security department of some of our processors notifying us as to who's accounts are being reviewed or terminated.  Sometimes it doesn't even appear to be malicious behavior that causes an acct to be closed. 

Here are some things that trigger a merchant acct being closed.

1.  Merchant's changing their bank account (DDA).
Companies do change bank accounts from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, if you change your banking information, specifically the account to which merchant funds are debited/credited, without notifying the merchant account provider FIRST...OR, if the account is closed so that funds cannot be debited/credited, this may trigger an account being closed.

2.  Splitting Transactions.
So, you have a customer who owes you $500.  You tried running $500 on their credit card and the card declined.  So you tried running it for $250.  Then again for $250.  While you mean no harm, VISA/MC don't see it that way.  Fraudulent operators operate in a similar behavior.  While you may be just trying to get the money from your customer, there is a high likelihood that this will trigger a flag at the security department.  You may be contacted, or have your acct closed.

3.  Excessive Declines.
"Hmm, this credit card should work.  Let me keep trying it."   Seems like it should be no big deal, right?  It is!   Visa/MC sees EVERY transaction run, and they are very sophisticated.  When transactions are continually run on a specific card, it can trigger the security department to wake up and take notice. 

4.  Lot's of International Cards.
We are not saying that merchants should not do business with cardholders outside the U.S., as there are many companies that primarily target consumers located in other countries.  However, it is important to understand that by doing so, the risk of fraud is increased dramatically...when the risk is increased, so is the chance of the Security Dept getting involved.

5.  Previous Account Closure.
Once you have had a merchant account closed, every processor to which you apply in the future, is going to know this.  Processors share information.  You could be approved for an account using an instant application, and then have the acct terminated within a couple of days, once the processor receives word that this has happened. 

6.  Applying for Multiple Accounts.
Yep, every time you apply for a merchant account, not only does the new company know every account you have had or lost in the past...but your existing merchant acct provider is also notified that you are "shopping" for a new acct.  That can trigger you getting a call or email from your existing provider/agent.  It can also result in closure of your acct, should your existing provider become concerned with your plans.

7.  False information on a Merchant Account Application.
Happens all the time.  Merchant account applications have a LOT of questions.  Have you ever been terminated?  Do you store data?  What do you sell?  Merchants who do not answer honestly risk having their application declined, or account closed.  This happens all the time. 

So, be truthful!  Be honest and best of luck preserving that very valuable commodity...your MERCHANT ACCOUNT!

#merchant account #AcceptCreditCards. #MerchantAccounts

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Posted on June 6, 2014
Work Hard...Play Hard!

Yeah Yeah...we provide you with merchant accounts. You already know that.  You know we can set you up to take credit cards in one day and our fees our posted on our site at www.paybyweb.com.  We have been doing this since 1992.  That is some feat in itself.

But life is not all about merchant accounts.  Your life is not all about your business.  The truth is:

When you pass away, and you are standing at the gates of wherever it is you may be heading, and the person who decides whether you get it or not asks you, "What is your greatest wish?"...the likelihood of you saying, "I wish I would have worked harder!" is practically NIL!

Working is important.  I get that.  It puts food on the table and buys my 6 kids the GI JOE WITH THE KUNG FU GRIP (figuratively).  It is a necessity for me, as it likely is for you.  However, it can't be all there is.  I am 51 (turning 52 in a few days).  I spent much of my 30's and 40's working like a dog.  I missed kids parties and events because I had to work...or chose to work.

Now, I choose to work...LESS!   I made the conscious choice to spend more time with my family.  Enjoying this short term thing called LIFE!  I can sit here all day and tell you why you should accept credit cards, but the truth is you already know it.  I would rather tell you this:  GO PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS FOR A FEW MINUTES.  Read a book!  Take a walk!  Cuddle with your husband/wife/lover and talk about whatever makes you happy.  Throw a ball!  Take a hike.  Listen to the birds.  Hit the beach or a bike ride.

What I am saying is...ENJOY YOUR LIFE.  It's all we have.  We can't take anything with us.  We don't truly OWN anything.  All we leave behind is a bunch of accumulated stuff, and our families.  So, spend a few extra minutes with them.  Love them and let them love you.

...and when you're done, let PayByWeb get you setup to accept credit cards.  Hey, I had to throw that in there.  : )

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Posted on May 20, 2014
Getting a Merchant Account - Staying Relevant

Last month, we rolled out our totally revamped website at PayByWeb.  
For years, we received hundreds of compliments on how easy our site was to navigate.  We took your feedback seriously and worked to make getting a merchant account, easier and faster than anywhere else.  Sure, we have been in business since 1992 and on the Web since 1998, but it was time for a new design.   While we still are one of the only merchant account service providers that posts FEES right on our site, and has simple online application, making it much easier to apply, there was more for us to include.

Our new site includes a Wizard.  If you are unsure as to which merchant account is best for you, click on the Wizard, answer a few simple questions, and you will be taken right to the best page that offers you credit card acceptance.   We have also added more merchant account solutions.  Now our friends in Canada can get a merchant account in as little as one day.  We also have a solution for International Merchants, such as those located in India.  Our Reseller Program is second to none, and we have even added a new FREE QUOTE system, where you can enter your information and we will give you a personalized quote to accept credit cards for your business.

So, give our new website a try, and let us know what you think!

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Posted on February 18, 2014
Don't Shoot The Messenger

We get lots of emails asking about High Risk accounts.  "Why is my product considered High Risk?"  "Why can't I get a merchant acct?"  "What is wrong with ME?"  The answer...JUST BECAUSE!

Companies like PayByWeb do not typically set the rules for underwriting a merchant account.  That Criteria is set with Visa/MC and otherwise via the merchant service providers.  What do they most of their decisions on?? RISK!  Merchant accounts are all about RISK.   Again, we get asked..."What's the big deal?"

Let me put it to you like this.   I am going to process $25k per day in credit card transactions.  YOU are the merchant service provider.  YOU are going to pay me within 3 days for my sales.  The cardholder may not see his statement for up to 30 days and then have up to 30 days to pay.  In that 60 day window I have processed $1,500.000, which you have paid into my bank.  Now...the calls are coming in from card holders. I DID NOT ORDER THAT!  I NEVER RECEIVED MY ORDER!   Dozens of chargeback requests coming in from cardholders wanting their money back.  You attempt to debit my checking account to get that money back...but I closed the acct, took the money and am living comfortably in Portugal!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING $1.5 MILLION TO CARDHOLDERS.   Get it now???

RISK!  That is the name of the game.  When applying for an Internet merchant account or other type, merchant acct providers use the data in your application, credit, previous processing history, and other tools to quickly assess whether or not to accept you as a merchant.  They spend millions of dollars to maintain Risk and Security departments, many of which have private or separate entrances/exits from their main employees.  Most of the employees in these departments use aliases to protect their true identities.  It is serious business!

So, what can you do?  Make your application as CLEAN as possible.  Complete EVERY answer and be as descriptive as possible.  When an app asks for a description of business, which do you think will be better reviewed:  "Selling online" or "We sell jewelry online priced from $25 - $250"?

Bottom Line:  The lower the risk...the better chance of approval!

If you would like to learn more about offering merchant accounts, and earning 60% of the paid out residual, CLICK HERE.

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Posted on September 29, 2012
Don't just throw that pen away!

True Story:

Back around 2001, my wife and I went to Amsterdam.  Unfortunately, my wife remembers very little of this trip and that is another story.  On the KLM flight home, the flight attendants passed around a brochure of items that you could purchase on the plane, duty free.  I had some left over traveler's checks so I figured, why not.  I found a Mont Blanc pen on the sheet.  I had never had a fountain pen and thought it might be nice. It cost around $100. I still remember, it was called the Traveler, and it stored ink cartridges inside.

IT NEVER WORKED!Every couple of years, I would find the pen in the drawer, and see if I could get it to work.  NOPE.  Stupid Pen.  Never threw it away.  Five years ago, sent to Mont Blanc and they cleaned it and said it worked okay.  NOPE!  Sigh...forget this stupid pen.

While cleaning out my office last week, I came across the pen again.  It had sat in that drawer for at least two years, maybe three.  I brought it home.  Last night, I had to go to the Apple Store in a ritzy Tampa mall.  I remembered there is a Mont Blanc store so I brought the pen and figured maybe THIS time, someone could make it work.  Upon bringing the pen in, I was asked if I could leave it for a half hour so they could take a good look and check it out.  About an hour later we returned to the store.  The woman pulled out the pen and said she cleaned it.  You opened it up and cleaned the whole inside, I asked?  She looked puzzled.  Opened it up??  I said, it stores ink cartridges inside.  She said, "Oh...It's a Traveler!"  I shook my head in the affirmative.  I opened the pen for her and we tried different cartridges and no good.  She said I could send it in to repair.  Thinking at this point it was hardly worth it, I was contemplating dropping it in the trash...when a sudden urge came over me..."Do you still sell this pen", I asked?

The answer, YES!  I asked if they had one and they did.  "How much do they sell for", I asked?

Are you Ready??  I SAID...ARE YOU READY??


Guess it's good not to just throw away those old pens! 

If you need to accept credit cards or want a better rate, visit www.PayByWeb.com.  Accepting all merchant types, offering free terminals, and same day approvals...PayByWeb is the clear choice for merchant accounts.

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