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E-xact Transactions online payment system

E-xact Transactions

Updated on July 5, 2013
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General Information

E-xact has been providing of fast, secure, and accountable online transaction solutions since 1998, at the forefront of the online exchange world with solid and secure transaction processing systems and superb customer service. 

We give everyone a way to get into the e-commerce marketplace; software and website developers, merchants, and financial institutions all have something to gain by using E-xact.

E-xact Transactions has been delivering on merchant satisfaction for over 10 years – and we’re not done yet. Where there’s a need for fast, protected transaction processing and easy answers we make it happen.


From Hosted Checkout to Software Packages, Recurring Billing, and Point-of-Sale Solutions, we’re forging ahead in the payment gateway game. No matter what your market is, if it will help you build your business – we can do it.



Countries of use

USA, Canada




not specified

Integration approaches

hosted checkout merchant, payment pages, recurring billing

Information for developers

Extensive knowledge base for API functions.

Web service samples for different languages:

perl, php, java, ruby, ColdFusion

E-xact Transactions Comments:

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