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RegularPay online payment system


Updated on July 18, 2013 by RegularPay
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General Information

RegularPay is a payment service provider company which is working with a different acquiring partners. Working with such partner allows to help new clients from a high- and middle-risk industries. RegularPay now offers inviting conditions for high-risk merchants from around the world. Close partnership with aquiring bank promotes increasement of approval rate. Also RegularPay now is able to take merchants from new high-risk industries who couldn't work earlier due to this fact. Payment process includes online payment gateway and RegularPay can provide merchant accounts for different types of business. Its payment solution for online payments were developed by high-experienced team of professionals in different fields of ecommerce and web-software. Security is one of the most important things RegularPay is paying attention to. Special fraud prevention system serves to protect customers funds from fraud. Accepting of online payments is a vital issue for the sphere of ecommerce. And RegularPay is able to find the best solution and provide every customer with easy and fast integration. Credit cards accepting becomes easy with RegularPay


multi-currency (USD, EUR, LVL, LTL, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK etc.)

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Every single merchant receives our special and individual offer what depends on such characteristics as monthly turnover, level of chargebacks, processing history, type of industry etc. After merchant passes our quick pre-form he receives full list of services which we're able to provide him with. 

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