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eMatters online payment system


Updated on September 20, 2013
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General Information

eMatters is a dedicated Payment Gateway, handling thousands of transactions every day and has created a strong, globally recognised brand, focussing on security and ease of processing.

Over the last thirteen years, we have been processing payments for companies in all industries across Australia and New Zealand including, conferences, government agencies, travel providers, events, internet marketers and retail and wholesale outlets.

Our Vision

To be the leading international provider of fully automated and integrated payment card services. To provide secure, reliable and infinitely scalable payment solutions, that integrate with your current and proposed business processes.

We work to achieve this vision by providing an environment for your business to grow, a rewarding place of employment for our staff and consideration of the impact we have on the environment.

Our History

eMatters commenced development in 1998, processing the very first ecommerce transaction in Australia with the National Australia Bank in 1999. Since then eMatters has added every ecommerce enabled bank in Australia as a partner and expanded into New Zealand.



Countries of use

Australia, New Zealand




eMatters is a dedicated and compliant payment gateway provider. We provide affordable plans to suit every eCommerce website, from Start Up’s to Corporate Enterprises.

Our plans below are structured to meet the growing needs of businesses as they evolve, and unlike other providers, we never lock you into a contract or a twelve-month plan.

All our plans are pay-by-the-month, a major benefit to any business as it allows you to manage cash flow, avoid large yearly outlays, and pay in arrears.

At any time you can request an account review and we will be happy to adjust your account as necessary.

eMatters Benefits:

  • Access to all features
  • Free setup and activation
  • No big upfront outlays
  • Monthly payments in arrears
  • No additional costs for Amex or Diners
  • No contracts or lock in fees
  • Access to most Australian banks with no hidden commissions
  • No hidden fees or additional charges
  • Support Desk


Integration approaches

API, Shared payment page

Information for developers

eMatters have various methods of integration and the process can take as little as 30 minutes. As soon as you apply for an eMatters Account, even before speaking with the bank, you can start integration and testing, meaning as soon as your Merchant and Terminal Numbers are issued you can start selling.

eMatters API 

If you have your own SSL Certificate, and you adhere to the Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP programs, you can collect credit cards and POST them to us - server to server. Your customer is never redirected to our site, they never know of the existence of eMatters, and everything is done is record time. No DLLs, APIs, Java Servers or Registry Entries to be made.

You are in control of your own security, look and feel of the website and the entire customer experience.

Some of the features available under this method, which is part of the Enterprise Edition, include:

Features      Explanation
Process Process credit cards directly with your Acquiring Bank for settlement next business day. Charge appears on the customer's statement within minutes.
PreAuth Checks the validity and balance of a card, but does not charge it. It does "reserve" the funds, to be Settled at a later date. Will hold the funds for between 4 and 7 days.
Settle Takes the PreAuth from above and settles it with your bank, charging the customer's card and settling the funds into your bank account the next business day.
Refund Refund a previous transaction for less than, the same amount or greater than the original payment.
Recharge Process an additional transaction, based on an earlier transaction.
Find An automated search of your transaction list for the last seven days. Will show every transaction meeting your criteria, and each response code.
BillSmart Charge an already stored credit card number from our central database. Submit just the reference number, and our system rebuilds the details.

Software Development Kit

For more information on integration download our Software Development Guide, detailing the HTTP Post, Get, XML, Virtual Terminal, BillSmart and SMS methods. Follow the procedures to integrate into our normal gateway, our recurring gateway, our stored transaction gateway and our SMS gateway.


Shared Payment Page

Our Shared Payment Page is perfect for businesses without their own SSL Certificate. The eMatters Shared Payment Page, as shown here, is controlled by a simple URL: https://merchant.eMatters.com.au/cmaonline.nsf/spp?OpenForm


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