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EVO Payments online payment system

EVO Payments

Updated on March 21, 2014
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General Information

Founded in 1989 and based in New York, EVO Payments International is among the largest fully integrated merchant acquirer and payment processors in the world. EVO operates as a payments service provider for both face-to-face and e-commerce transactions for all major credit cards, debit cards, commercial cards and electronic bank transfers.
EVO can process in nearly 50 markets and 120 currencies around the world. Through its European subsidiary, EVO operates as a principal member of MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Europe.
EVO Canada
After almost a decade of service, the EVO continues to distinguish itself as a premier source of electronic payment services in Canada. EVO offers outstanding technical, financial, and marketing solutions while maintaining its relevancy with up-to-date technology and security. EVO Canada is a "single source" for a full range of electronic payment services, our world-class customer service is the key difference between EVO Canada and the competition.
EVO Europe
As a Principal Member of Visa Europe and MasterCard, EVO offers international solutions for debit and credit card acceptance and transaction processing for physical points of sale, e-commerce and mail-order retailing, and ATMs. In addition to card acceptance EVO provides a full suite of services including further non-cash payment methods, fraud prevention systems and other services which ensure easy, quick and secure handling of payments.
EVO's payment solutions are supported by an experienced team of professionals and a best-in-class technology platform. The acquirer and payment service provider is the exclusive card acquiring provider for Deutsche Bank's Global Transaction Banking ('GTB') in Europe and was repeatedly named "best acquirer for international merchants."



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EVO does not seem to make a concerted effort to standardize its offerings across their many sales agents, so sales tactics and fees vary widely. Even the products and services themselves vary.

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