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WebMoney online payment system


Updated on April 9, 2014 by erdemg
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General Information

Smart solution for internet payments. It is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.







Withdraw Funds Processing time WebMoney charge Agent Commission
Wire out WMZ to the USD  bank account 1—2 banking days 0.8%, max. 50 WMZ 0.3% (min.100 max. 300 USD)
Via an Exchanger To be agreed 0.8%, max. 50 WMZ Exchanger commission
To the cards.webmoney.ru Debit Card* see web site for details 0.8%, max. 50 WMZ Depending on the bank, see cards.webmoney.ru for details
Wire out WME to the EUR bank account 1—2 banking days 0.8%, max. 55 WME 0.3% (min.100 max. 300 Eur)

Integration approaches

on-line client

Information for developers

Webmasters and disigners can use WebMoney Transfer style samples, logos and banners of different formats. WebMoney Keeper provides online businesses with the solution offered by the trading service: Exaccess.com. This solution has been designed specially for online trading via the Internet. Seller can accept WebMoney for products and services using automated interfaces of Merchant WebMoney. The integration of websites with this service does not pose any technical problems and it takes just a few steps. You can use special skins of Digiseller.ru to design your own trading service allowing to sell digital goods that may be delivered online. For developers we introduce the set of program interfaces allowing to automate authorization processes, WMKeeper controlling and payments receiving.  

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