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After Pay online payment system

After Pay

Updated on July 2, 2014
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General Information

AfterPay is one of largest and most relevant payment methods for online post payment services for consumers.

AfterPay offers online retailers a full service online post payment solution for e-commerce, m-commerce and cross channel post payment services.

Buy with AfterPay

Order, receive, view, and only pay what you want to keep
And thus makes Afterpay online buying products, services, travel, tickets and so on, very safe and comfortable! And ... AfterPay is so easy.
1 Choose ' post-pay '

After shopping, go to the online checkout of your shop. In the selection, payment method, you will see the option to pay afterwards.

In many cases the AfterPay logo will be located next to this payment option .

2 Fill in your personal details

After you have selected Afterpay as payment method, you will be asked to fill in information needed by Afterpay for a succesful settlement of your payment.

Based on the order information you provide, AfterPay will conduct a quick data check.

3 Confirm your order

After completing this verification, click the 'confirm' button to finalize your order.

4 Receive your order
Subsequently the shop sends the product you purchased. After receiving your order you can see, experience and possibly return your order.
5 Easy payment

After receiving your order you will receive by e-mail a payment statement from Afterpay. Now you can easily pay the order amount by bank transfer or iDEAL payment button in the digital invoice

Very easy: you get two weeks to pay the bill . Now you can choose yourself the moment you wish to pay

Sell with AfterPay

What does AfterPay have to offer?

For more and more people Postpay is a safe and most trusted way to pay.

You can Postpay with AfterPay via digital invoice (invoice sent by e-mail) and direct debit. The comfortable payment conditions- up to 14 days - offers online buyers also an extra service for your concept

Reassured can be said that AfterPay enriches your formula, because you provide your customers a comfortable extra service: Buy now, pay later!

AfterPay takes over 100% of the debtor and fraud risk from your business. We perform a fast and seamless data check on consumers that choose AfterPay as there payment method. After a positive result AfterPay takes over the default risk of payment. Since this is an automatic process, you as online retailer are completely unburdenend with these processes. Every week you receive a specification of the accepted orders and corresponding order amounts. Consumers that get rejected after the data check will flow back to the online checkout to finalize their order with a different payment method.



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