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HanaPay online payment system


Updated on July 15, 2014
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General Information

Hanapay, based in South Korea, offers a global payment gateway for online merchants who wish to take advantage of South Korea’s low cost e-commerce infrastructure. We offer settlement in US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), and Korean Won (KRW). We process Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and all local Korean credit card companies.

Hanapay provides a Korean Won (KRW) payment gateway and plugins for popular shopping carts such as Woocommerce and Magento to online merchants wishing to enter the Korean market. All the local payment options that Korean customers are accustomed to will be available.

HanaPay offers prepaid card solution at very reasonable cost for any business that needs to make mass payments to its clients, staff, partners, and affiliates. Our prepaid card system works especially well in companies where sending global wire transfers would not be cost effective.



Countries of use





Korean Won Processing
Setup Fee 300,000 KRW
Annual Fee Waived
Transaction Fee 3.5% - 4.0% (depending on risk)
Settlement Period 4 times a month; 7 days in arrears
Rolling Reserve N/A
Japanese Yen Processing
Setup Fee 30,000 Yen
Annual Fee Waived
Transaction Fee 3.5~4.5% (depending on card association)
Transaction Fee per TRX 10 Yen + VAT
Rolling Reserve 10% for 120 days
Settlement Period 4 times a month; 7 days in arrears
Chinese Yuan Processing
Setup Fee 2000 Yuan
Annual Fee Waived
Transaction Fee 3.7% - 4.2% (depending on risk)
Per Transaction Fee 1 Yuan + VAT
Rolling Reserve 10% for 120 days
Settlement Period 4 times a month; 7 days in arrears

US Dollar Processing
disclosed upon request

Prepaid Card Solution

HanaPay is a global reseller of prepaid  cards.  Our reseller agreement allows us to distribute cards to either individuals or businesses. For businesses, we can offer both the prepaid cards and a user interface (and/or API) at no additional cost. Your staff will then be able to register and load cards anytime and anywhere without any intervention from card issuer or program manager.

  • Card Issuance: $7-$10/card (depends on quantity)

  • Monthly Maintenance fee: $2

  • Load Fee:$1

  • Upgrade fee to Full Card for $20,000 maximum balance: $8

  • Non-USD transaction: 2%  (USD transaction: 0%)

  • USD ATM Withdrawal: $1.20

  • Non-USD ATM Withdrawal: $3.00 + 2%

Simple Card
  • Maximum balance: $3000

  • Maximum load:$3000 (annual limit)

  • Max ATM withdrawals: $1000 (annual limit)

  • Single purchase limit: $1000

Full Card (just $8 more)
  • Maximum balance: $20,000

  • Maximum load: $20,000 (no annual limit)

  • Maximum Daily purchase: $5000

  • Maximum ATM Daily Withdrawal: $2000

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