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Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. online payment system

Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc.

Updated on November 12, 2014
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General Information

Charge.com, a trusted online credit card processing company, has been providing online payment processing services for more than 19 years.  We understand the shift in customer buying behavior from cash payments to credit card payments and how it has made it essential for businesses, especially web-based endeavors to accept credit cards. Charge.com helps businesses to accept credit cards online with an array of payment processing solutions.



Countries of use



Service Industry Standard Charge.com
Merchant Account Application Fee $95-$250
Debit and Credit Card Processing Setup Fee $49 – $150 $0.00
Contract Term 3 Year Contract None
Cancellation Fee $300 to $1,000 None
Checks by Web, Phone, and Fax: 
Allows you to accept checks via the Internet, phone, or fax.
$300 $0.00
iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android & Blackberry Apps Not Available $0.00
Web Shopping Cart $300 $0.00
Programming Charge $50-$95 $0.00
Discover Setup Fee $25-$50 $0.00
American Express Setup Fee $25-$50 $0.00
Typical Approval Time 1 – 2 weeks Instant approvals
Customer Support Hours 8am-8pm Monday-Friday 24 hours per day
7 days per week
Discount Rate 1.9% to 2.9% As low as 0.25%
Transaction Fee 20-35 cents As low as 15 cents

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