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Updated on December 12, 2014 by ECommPay
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General Information

ECommPay is an innovative and fast thinking company that provides state of the art secure electronic payment solutions for clients worldwide. Our system is up-to-the-minute, secure, reliable and easy to connect with. Our solutions help to achieve higher transaction approval rates, lower chargeback ratios and other special requirements which help our clients achieve maximum revenues.


RUB, EUR, USD, etc.

Countries of use



High risk, Low risk, forex, binary options, hosting, retail, gaming, gambling, lotteries, casinos


Based on many individual settings.

Our comission rates start from 2%

Integration approaches

3 step integration

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Technology Cutting-edge solutions, paired with modern, up-to-date technologies, guarantee ECommPay’s place at the forefront of the payment processing industry. In addition to consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards, our payment experts regularly develop new instruments to ensure that your business maintains its competitive edge. Payment Methods Multicurrency & Multilingual Conversion + Payment Page Flexible API Merchant Back Office Payouts RISK MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY Using the most effective and secure risk management processes, certified to international standards, ECommPay assists clients in reducing the costs associated with payment acceptance. All of our security measures are configured individually for your business, which minimises disputed payments and leads to the optimisation of all payment processes.   ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESSING Years of experience ensure that ECommPay is ideally positioned to best serve the interests of your specific industry. No matter how high your transaction volume or how complex your online payment processing requirement, we will provide a bespoke solution comprised of a portfolio of products engineered specifically for your business needs.

Recent news

Posted on June 25, 2018
Case study: ECOMMPAY expands the technological capabilities of Firebird Tours

Russiantrains™ (part of Firebird Tours) has organised travel with Russian Railways since 1998, launching their online reservation platform in 2007, with subsidiaries Rail.Ninja and Russiantraintickets.com selling tickets to thousands of passengers from 100+ countries worldwide. The company’s collaboration with ECOMMPAY began in 2017, when Firebird Tours began exploring methods to cut out the payment page redirect by integrating through API integration.

To assist the client in providing a seamless checkout experience, ECOMMPAY was able to offer:

  • Technical consultation: Companies wishing to capture sensitive customer data must become PCI DSS compliant. Working closely with ECOMMPAY’s Head of Information Security, the subsidiary projects of Firebird Tours (Rail.Ninja and Russiantraintickets.com) underwent a technical consultation on how to build, maintain, and monitor a secure network, as well as on how to protect cardholder data. Offering advice on the mandatory components of this certification, including vulnerability management programs, access control measures, and network testing, ECOMMPAY assisted Rail.Ninja and Russiantraintickets.com in improving security standards to obtain PCI DSS certification. 
  • API integration and scalability: Becoming PCI DSS compliant, Rail.Ninja and Russiantraintickets.com were able to cut out the redirect, which increases conversion by ensuring a seamless transaction process. In addition to the improved conversion and retention rates resulting from API integration, the partnership with ECOMMPAY increased payment acceptance for Firebird Tours by 35% in 2018, with the highest traffic volume originating from the United States, the European Union, and Latin America. 
  • Targeted risk management: Technologies such as the proprietary FraudStop system and its customisable filters ensure that fraudulent activity is kept to a minimum. ECOMMPAY’s experienced risk analysts have not only configured FraudStop’s settings to automatically detect potentially fraudulent transactions, but also offer manual monitoring to ensure a comprehensive coverage.


Andrey Belyaev, Head of Payment Systems & Fraud at Firebird Tours, had the following to say about ECOMMPAY’s contribution to the company’s ongoing success:

“ECOMMPAY immediately demonstrated an individual approach, taking into account each of our requirements and customising their products accordingly. We have combined our anti-fraud experience with knowledge from our colleagues at ECOMMPAY and the outcome of this synergy demonstrated an excellent result. FraudStop has been particularly effective, saving us significant sums annually and safeguarding our reputation. We’re also very happy with the response rate of our client manager, who is ready to offer tailored recommendations whenever requested, not only during working hours. The manager also helps to quickly solve a wide range of tasks that are hidden to the client but help us to be more efficient. Recognising the positive impact ECOMMPAY has had on the conversion rate and revenues of our subsidiary projects, Russiantraintickets.com and Rail.Ninja, we decided to not only move our main project, Russiantrains™, to their payment gateway, but also intend to integrate our other travel projects in the near future.”


Payment solutions for the Travel industry

Find out more on what ECOMMPAY can offer for the Travel industry.


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Posted on June 18, 2018
Asian payment trends: insights into doing business in the world’s biggest market

In pursuit of reducing financial friction, banks and complementary service providers have begun to collaborate amongst themselves, as well as with external technology companies, on a global scale, to offer a seamless customer journey. In some cases, it is the external technology companies themselves who diversify, seeking new opportunities by entering the financial market. Reacting to consumer demand and the regional market conditions, Asian banks, fintech companies, and established tech giants from across the e-Commerce spectrum demonstrate a commitment to innovation, streamlining the payment process in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

Stanislav Panov, Business Development Manager (APAC) at international payment service provider ECOMMPAY, shares three key observations regarding business trends within the Asia Pacific region.

Frictionless payments in China and beyond: WeChat and Alipay

One of the best examples of payments integrated into everyday life is WeChat, China’s most popular messaging application. WeChat enables users to combine social communications and payments. From sending text, audio, or video messages to friends and family to booking and paying for taxis, cinema tickets, restaurant reservations, and more, WeChat offers a plethora of services through a single, unified, user-friendly application. As a result, what began as a messaging service has become a one-stop shop for any and all consumer requirements, boasting 1 billion monthly users and 800 million monthly payments.

Alipay is another popular Chinese payment method, launched by the retail conglomerate Alibaba Group in February 2004. Offering users enhanced international payment capabilities by partnering with major banks in the regions popular among Chinese tourists, Alipay enables consumers to pay for purchases abroad via mobile application. Due to a number of factors, including language barriers and their preference for travelling in groups, the most common destinations for Chinese tourists tend to be neighbouring Asian countries, which offer a familiar context. However, as Alipay expands, offering its services globally and extending the Chinese payment context, Chinese consumers will be encouraged to travel – and spend – further abroad.

e-Wallets, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, are popular among the local population due to their speed and convenience. In addition to displaying the price of goods and services in the currency preferred by users, e-Wallets enable consumers to track their spending, as well as access a wide range of discounts and special offers. Relying on a single application, users can fulfil various personal and social needs, as well as receive targeted advertising tailored to their specifications. As a recent example, 7Eleven shops in Malaysia introduced discount coupons for Chinese tourists through Alipay, which were visible to them depending on geolocation.

Building a financial ecosystem in Southeast Asia: Grab and BIMA

Technology companies operating within the share economy acquire a vast amount of consumer data. Singapore-based Grab (formerly GrabTaxi) began as a taxi service much like Uber, but quickly expanded into logistics, food delivery, and the financial sector across the Southeast Asian region. To access the largely unbanked local population in Indonesia, Grab acquired Kudo, a popular payment platform with a network of agents (mostly kiosks) enabling consumers to make purchases or sell products online, as well as to pay for utility bills offline.

By combining and analysing the data accumulated through its ride-sharing services and various financial products, such as the GrabPay e-Wallet, the Grab Rewards loyalty programme, and the aforementioned Kudo payment platform, Grab was able to introduce Grab Financial Services in partnership with Japanese consumer financing company Credit Saison. The large amount of consumer data enables Grab to provide targeted banking products, such as loans and insurance, to a wide audience. As these services are difficult to acquire in the Southeast Asian region due to large portions of the population remaining unbanked, Grab’s insight into how Kudo agents and Grab taxi drivers earn and spend has provided the opportunity for the company to expand its business offering.

Another regional example of new players emerging to engage with the unbanked population is the partnership between microfinance and insurance provider BIMA and Malaysian telecommunications group Axiata. Analysing the data available to Axiata, the two companies tracked consumer behaviour on mobile devices. As roughly four billion people in the region are unable to apply for insurance through traditional means, BIMA and Axiata have engineered a system to enable consumers to purchase insurance via their mobile devices.

Changing perspectives in the financial sector: Development Bank of Singapore

As innovative fintech projects emerge to challenge the traditional banking institutions, the financial services sector is experiencing a significant paradigm shift. Whether the relationship between the aforementioned parties will be complementary or adversarial remains to be seen, but established banks must now contend with increased pressure regardless – both from consumers, who demand improved products and services, and from new market players, who can become competitors or potential partners.

To address consumer concerns, forward-thinking banks strive to build seamless, frictionless customer experience from start to finish. The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), for instance, has partnered with real estate companies to simplify the process of buying property. By engaging prospective home owners at the beginning of, as well as throughout, the customer journey, DBS not only nurtures brand loyalty, but also gathers important customer data to optimise and tailor its selection of services. Much like the popular “Intel Inside” slogan, DBS uses “Powered by DBS” as an additional trust layer for both customers and partners.


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Posted on June 6, 2018
Cashless Payments Make a Splash at iFX Expo 2018 and Cyprus Gaming Show

In May 2018, ECOMMPAY sponsored and took part in two major industry expos: the iFX Expo and the Cyprus Gaming Show. Across multiple days of conversations with thousands of Forex and gaming industry luminaries, the main topic of discussion was the move to a cashless society.

From the sunny welcome party to the exhibition floor, company experts spent a lot of time in conversation with established industry veterans from all over the world at the iFX Expo, who were looking to expand their reach using ECOMMPAY’s payment processing services. But the expo also played host to a wide range of startup brokers and fintech services, eager to make contact with payment providers, and deeply interested in the innovative potential of the services on show.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto trading platforms were the flavour of the day at iFX Expo, with almost half of the event’s exhibitors hailing from the crypto space. Discussion centred around the technology’s future, with industry’s experts striking a serious but optimistic tone regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the future of Forex.

The cashless future was a hot topic at the Cyprus Gaming Show, too. The gaming industry has long been at the forefront of the move to entirely cashless systems, with virtual currencies playing key roles in powering innumerable online worlds. ECOMMPAY experts found that gaming industry professionals were enthusiastic about the potential of cashless systems, and the power of the technologies behind them to radically alter the face of gaming.


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Posted on June 6, 2018
ECOM Expo, Russia’s top e-Commerce trade show, had a great run in 2018

From 24-25 May, 2018, Moscow’s Sokolniki Exhibition Centre was host to ECOM Expo 2018, the annual e-Commerce trade show, marking ECOMMPAY’s first time participating as an exhibitor. Company experts consulted with more than one hundred retail businesses at the event. One of their main topics of conversation was access to CIS countries and Europe.

This year’s expo was one for the record-books, featuring around 10,000 participants and 250 exhibiting companies, immediately propelling ECOM Expo 2018 into the top 5 of European e-Commerce exhibitions. ECOMMPAY experts were in consultation with retail representatives for the entirety of both days of the event. The conversations were conclusive regarding the industry’s direction: Russian businesses are trying to branch out from their homeland, into Europe and the countries of the CIS, and a great many questions were dedicated to SDK development toolkits for mobile apps, billing services, and bank card payments.

In addition to their meetings with potential clients, ECOMMPAY experts spoke with numerous potential payment partners, among which were several representatives for mobile payment systems, e-wallets, push notification services and others.

ECOMMPAY’s stand at the expo was, in the words of several guests, one of the most memorable at the event, thanks to its design and unique ‘cryo-bar’. The ECOMMPAY team  gives its thanks to the stand’s guests for their interest in the company, and to the organisers of the event for their excellent work!



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Posted on May 21, 2018
ECOMMPAY runs Lattelecom Riga Marathon 2018 and Moscow Half Marathon!

Yesterday, 30 runners from ECOMMPAY took on various challenges in the 28th annual Riga Marathon! Joining 37,000 participants from 78 countries, our colleagues successfully completed distances ranging from 6km all the way to 42km!

In what has become an eagerly anticipated annual tradition, the Lattelecom Riga Marathon took place over the weekend of 19-20 May. Founded in 1991, the Riga Marathon celebrated its 28th anniversary this year, as well as commemorating the 100th anniversary of Latvian independence.

More than 37,000 runners from 78 countries gathered in the Latvian capital for distances of 42km, 21km, 10km, 6km, and a 4,2km Family Run. Joining the festivities, Team ECOMMPAY consisted of 30 participants from several offices across all distances.

The same weekend, ECOMMPAY’s Moscow office participated in the country’s biggest half marathon, joining 10,000 runners from across the world in running 21km through the Russian capital.

We’re very happy to announce that our team met the goals they set for themselves, established new goals, and continue striving for success! We look forward to even more participants and even greater results in 2019!

The post ECOMMPAY runs Lattelecom Riga Marathon 2018 and Moscow Half Marathon! appeared first on ECOMMPAY — Payment Solutions. Individually Tailored..

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