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Rocketgate online payment system


Updated on January 27, 2015
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General Information

Advanced Processing

Sophisticated features include routing, load balancing, and cascading to multiple merchant accounts and PCI compliant tokenized transaction processing.

Advanced Reporting

Make well informed business decisions by utilizing a myriad of reports that answer many of the important questions about your business: sales, approval ratios, decline reasons cross-referenced by affiliates, countries, sites, products, prices, accounts and many more.

Multiple Currencies

With 60 currencies currently offered, broaden your target market, inc

Merchant Support Tools

Merchants can manage customers themselves including tools for updating membership information and customer refunds.rease sales and reduce chargebacks by billing in your customers' currency of choice - including real-time currency conversion and non-converted foreign currency transaction processing functionality.

Recurring Billing

Maximize profits by utilizing easy to use, flexible, and highly configurable recurring billing options and actively grow a steady revenue stream.

Automated Chargeback Processing

Lower chargebacks by utilizing RocketGate's automated daily data feeds of retrieval, reversal and chargeback information, blocking future transaction attempts, and providing tools to cross-reference against other potential risky transactions.

Risk Management

Proprietary and sophisticated risk prevention algorithms precisely and effectively lower merchants' chargeback ratios while simultaneously increasing their revenues.

PCI Compliant

Merchants can reduce their exposure to risk by avoiding the storage and handling of sensitive payment information and reduce or eliminate the scope of PCI Compliance by processing with RocketGate.


Multiply, 60+ currencies

Countries of use





Simple per transaction pricing (no %-based fees) . Pricing is not specified publicly.

Integration approaches

gateway, hosted page, hosted form, vpos, shopping carts

Information for developers

RocketGate’s sophisticated and easy to use APIs (application programming interface) in multiple languages (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, .NET etc) enable sample code-to-processing in minutes.  See the Lifecycle of a Gateway Transactions.

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