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Alternative Payments online payment system

Alternative Payments

Updated on July 9, 2015 by alternativepayments
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General Information

Alternative Payments has incorporated its services into thousands of eCommerce websites worldwide. Merchants receive the tools to capture sales from consumers that do not have or wish to use credit cards, but do have a bank account and the desire to pay.  Our processing platform is driven by our Smart Button, which allows consumers to simply click on one button at the checkout page to see all of their local and trusted payment solutions in one place. Coupled with GEO-IP technology, our button automatically displays the consumer's native language, currency and payment options. Customer support is automatically included and provided in all languages supported by local support phone numbers.  Alternative billing solutions represent a large segment in the online payments space because they provide less risk to a merchant, and they are a practical method to increase sales. Merchant accounts are not needed and integration is quick and easy.  With our offices in USA (Pasadena, CA), EU (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Hong-Kong we cover the global alternative payments market making the cross-border payments simple and fast. Daily settlements  No monthly fees No hidden fees  10% rolling reserve Recurring payment support Antifraud Configurable order page


EUR, USD and more

Countries of use

With our offices in USA, EU and Hong-Kong we have global coverage: North America, Europe (SEPA Countries) and Russia, Latin America, Asia, Australia




  • Volume rate: 3.85% 
  • Transaction fee: $0.23
  • Monthly fee: $0
  • Setup fee: $0
  • Chargeback price: $0
  • Refund price: $0
  • Visa setup fee: $0
  • Mastercard annual fee: $0

Integration approaches

API, Major platform plugins

Information for developers


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