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ASSIST online payment system


Updated on February 7, 2010
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General Information

Corporate History

ASSIST was developed by Reksoft (www.reksoft.com), one of the leading Russian IT companies. It was launched into operation in April, 1998 as internet payment gateway for OZON (www.ozon.ru) to provide it with credit card payment option. OZON made a success story in Russian internet and still is the leading Russian internet shop selling the variety of Russian books, videos, music, software etc. It is also one of the key clients for ASSIST.

In April 1999 ASSIST was deployed for full commercial operation. By that time negotiations were started with major Russian banks and processing companies. As a result, ASSIST integrated with processing centers of STB Card and Alfa bank in the year of 2000 and with UCS processing center in the end of 2001.

In 2002 ASSIST continued to develop as a multi-banking system providing new services to internet shops. It was ASSIST that was the first in Russia together with Alfa bank to introduce SET™ technology for internet payments. In excess, ASSIST became the first Russian internet payment system that started to offer web-services to Russian internet shops based on Microsoft technologies.

ASSIST spun off from Reksoft, its mother company, in April 2002 to continue developing according to new strategic plans. These plans include new acquiring banks, e-wallets, m-commerce and e-commerce, solutions for various businesses.

The key point is still the same:
High quality of electronic payment services given to clients.

In 2003, ASSIST managed to integrate all five Russian major e-wallets - WebMoney, Yandex.Money, E-Port and last but not least - Kredit Pilot within half a year period. All Russian internet shops can get now the line of all major Russian e-wallets to cover the issue of micro-payments (purchases of 5 euro and less).

Gennady N. Spirin
Head of the project, Director General

Mr. Spirin joined ASSIST project in October, 2001. Before that he worked for OZON (www.ozon.ru), still remaining the leading Russian books and video online store. OZON story goes back to 1998 when Mr. Spirin joined Reksoft in September 1998 as Executive Director to head the project. After OZON had spun off from Reksoft and attracted investments through Ru-net Holdings, Mr. Spirin continued as Director General and CEO for OZON.

Before Reksoft, Mr. Spirin worked for Clausen Ltd., Finnish company where he occupied the position of Area Manager. Clausen Ltd. specialized in hi-tech banking equipment, solutions for retail businesses and large-scale construction projects.

Mr. Spirin graduated from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical State University with Industrial Electronics degree in 1978.

Dmitry M. Samersoff
Technical Director

Mr. Samersoff joined ASSIST in April, 2002
He is responsible for ASSIST technical strategic vision, BRD, software development, system integration.

Before ASSIST, Mr. Samersoff worked as a senior software developer for a number of software and telecommunication companies including WebPlus - St. Petersburg largest ISP.

Mr. Samersoff graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 1992


WebMoney, Yandex.Dengi, e-port, Kredit Pilot

Countries of use






Integration approaches

on-line, e-mail

Information for developers

You may want to choose the following ways of communication with ASSIST for getting authorization results.

Most guaranteed and quick ways of getting authorization results will be:

  • Getting authorization results with in automated mode
  • Viewing authorization results on ASSIST site
    These options above will be effective when selling goods/services online in real time.

The following options of getting authorization results in ASSIST system (not 100% guaranteed) will be less reliable.

  • ASSIST will send over authorization results by e-mail to the shop
  • ASSIST will send over e-mail with 24 hr. reports containing authorization results to the shop daily.

Merchants will be sent a confirmation email after the gateway completes processing on a transaction submitted to the system. The confirmation email enables merchants to know the results of a given transaction.

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