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EPay online payment system


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General Information

EPAY Inc. is registered in Panama (No. 898161-1-514361 DV 1) and licensed by the Ministry of Finance (No. 898161-1-514361-2007-98107) to conduct financial services, e-wallet services, money transfer services, electronic payments processing, selling and funding debit cards, virtual credit cards and other related activities. Make online exchanges, send, and receive money from any country using EPAY one click e-mail, SMS and online payment solutions. We offer more benefits than any regular bank account or any other online payment system. A high-performance online payment gateway, EPAY facilitates efficient international money transfer. By virtue of its innovative online payment solutions, EPAY has rightly emerged as a global leader and has become synonymous with fast and secured online money transfer services. Your Gateway to Financial Freedom EPAY Inc. global reach and consummate industry experience gives access to a comprehensive set of international money transfer services. If you are looking for an 'all inclusive' secured online payment gateway provider, then EPAY online money transfer services is where you will find exactly what you are looking for. EPAY issues two different digital units: EPAY Dollar and EPAY Euro. Registered members can perform a variety of operations such as buy (fund) and sell (withdraw) these units with different options, buy and fund debit cards and virtual credit cards for secured purchases. EPAY is synonymous to secured online payment system Security is what EPAY guarantees. We have a commendable record of accomplishment of secured online transactions and data preservation. Following are the highlights of EPAY secured transactions: - Each EPAY member fund are aggregated and stored. EPAY Inc. is not a bank or investment company and users funds are not invested anywhere. - EPAY Capital and total EPAY members virtual units are 100% backed by the same or higher amount in USD and EUR with top European banks. - EPAY is obliged to fulfill members orders for buying and selling EPAY units. EPAY is strictly restricted from using members EPAY units for any other activity except fulfilling the orders provided by EPAY members through secure online banking. Create a instant EPAY account FREE Let us manage your finances while you can live your life. Become a registered member to avail our online payment services. Open Account and fill up the application form. You will never be experiencing better-secured money management�it is our guarantee. Click here to open an account.



Countries of use

165 contries





EPAY online payment service fees.

Service EPAY Min fee.
Account opening fee free -
Multicurrency account yes -
Transfers between members fee 0.1% 0.01 USD
Monthly fee free -
Yearly fee free -
Fluctuation Rates tied to USD and EUR -
Affiliation interest 10% from all fees Min. payout from 0.01 USD
Email services
Email payments fee 0.1% 0.1 USD
Email invoice fee free -
Receive email payment fee free -
SMS services and Mobile Payments
Send SMS fee 0.18 USD -
SMS transfer (mobile payment) fee 0.1 % + 0.18 USD -
Receive SMS transfer (mobile payment) fee free -
Balance by SMS fee 0.18 USD -
Invoice by SMS fee 0.18 USD (can be included in invoice amount to be paid by receiver) -
Debit card
Debit card issue fee 59 USD 25 USD - 54 USD for bulk orders
Debit card monthly fee 4.95 USD -
Debit card validity 2 years -
Debit card load fee 3.5% + 5 USD -
Debit card online statement fee free -
Debit card ATM withdrawal fee 2 USD -
Debit card POS purchase fee 1.2 USD -
Non reloadable virtual credit card
Virtual credit card issue fee 34.95 - 60.95 USD -
V.credit card monthly fee none -
V.credit card spend fee none -
V.credit card complete statement fee 1.5 USD -
Reloadable virtual credit card
Reloadable v.credit card issue fee 46 USD -
Reloadable v.credit card monthly fee 4.95 USD -
Reloadable v.credit card load fee 3.5% + 5 USD -
Reloadable v.credit card spend fee none -
Reloadable v.credit card complete statement fee 1.5 USD -
Funding fee (e-gold) 25.9% 0.5 USD
Withdrawal fee (e-gold) 1.5% 0.5 USD
Funding fee (pecunix) 6.9% 2 USD
Withdrawal fee (pecunix) 1.5% 1 USD
Funding fee (bank transfer) free -
Withdrawal fee (bank transfer) 1.9% + 49 USD 49 USD
Conversion fee 0.5% -
Merchant fee 1% -

Integration approaches

online, e-mail, mobile

Information for developers

EPAY is introducing new affiliate program: you have unique opportunity to join EPAY affiliate program and earn 10% commission from all fees. You can start earning money today easily without spending months for training and be sure that EPAY affiliate program will bring you profit in the nearest future. Become an affiliate and earn your commissions from your downline! Earn 150$ for each referred friend EPAY Affiliate program provides instant payout of 10% from fees that your referrals generate within their accounts. Many EPAY members referred their friends and already earned more than 150$ for short period of time and their profits continue to grow! Earn 250$ for each referred merchant EPAY Affiliate program provides payout of 15$ for each referred merchant who generates 5000$ turnover within his EPAY merchant account (clients payments). For each 5000$ that your referred merchant generates, you will get 15$ to your account. The more merchants you refer, and the more turnover they generate � the more profit you will get! Many EPAY members who referred merchants already earned more than 250$ and their profits continue to grow! Get your own EPAY website Your own website is very simple to remember: www.epayarea.com/123456 where 123456 is replaced with your EPAY account number. You should give this link to your friends, pals, partners, etc. in order to sign up for EPAY account. Once they sign up�- you will be able to track their activity and your commissions earned from each member in the Affiliation page. You never know You never know how many transactions they will make, what can bring you much profit. Do not loose this profitable business opportunity. EPAY is growing and developing, offering new features within EPAY online payment system and boosting new markets and countries, increasing your affiliation profit as well. Join EPAY online affiliate program today. With this business opportunity you will get lucrative compensation plan. As a member of EPAY marketing team you receive a marketing website the same as this one to promote your business. Affiliate making money online Participation is free for all EPAY members and does not have regional, country, gender or any other limits. To join affiliate program you simply have to become our member - go to Open Account, fill the online application and follow the instructions. You will get your EPAY account instant and free. NOTE: opening accounts one under another by the same person is prohibited and will not comply with the terms.

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