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C-Gold online payment system


Updated on October 22, 2009
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General Information

c-gold.com is a fully gold-redeemable payment platform that enables people from all over the world to engage in free and voluntary commerce.


gold bars, coins, ingots, etc.

Countries of use

All countries.


Business and Personal use.


c-gold is accounted by weight (G), not USD or any other National Currency unit. All fees are specified in grams (G) of gold, and are based on the weight of gold transferred or held.

Transaction Fee
deducted automatically from the recipient account upon receipt of the payment.
Storage Fee
the c-gold equivalent of an account maintenance fee. It is nominally 1% per year, but since your account balance will normally change as you make and receive payments, the storage fee is deducted monthly, based upon the average daily balance of gold in your account since last assessed.
Transaction Fee Schedule
c-gold Transaction Fees are deducted from the recipient account upon receipt of the payment.
for c-gold Transactions...
>= < Formula
0.0004 (G) 0.1 (G) 5% + 0.0002 (G)
0.1 (G) 0.5 (G) 1.25% + 0.00375 (G)
0.5 (G) 1 (G) 0.01 (G)
1 (G) 5 (G) 1%
5 (G)   0.05 (G)

Note: the minimum transaction amount allowed in the c-gold system is 0.0004 (G).

Storage Fee
The c-gold Storage Fee is the system equivalent of an account maintenance
fee. Nominally it is 1% per year. It is deducted monthly, calculated as follows:
Storage Fee = (Avg daily balance since last Storage Fee) x 0.01 x (Number of days since last Storage Fee) / 365

Integration approaches

Web access.

Information for developers

Our clickToPay gateway allows seamless integration into most websites, and our PaymentURL system makes it easy to send payment requests by all means of communication.

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