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Network Pay online payment system

Network Pay

Updated on October 22, 2009
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General Information

Network Pay started in early 2003 and is owned and operated by Network Payment Systems, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation). You can find our state registration info on the Nevada Secretary of State website.

Address -
Network Payment Systems, Inc.
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #1121
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 USA

Nevada Corporation Number - C34427-2001

Nevada Business License Number - 607936

Network Pay lets anyone with an email address easily and securely accept and send money online. Network Pay does not share your financial information to your recipient such as credit cards, bank accounts and other proprietary information.




Fund with Cashier's Check / Money Order = FREE

Monthly Account Maintenance = FREE

Annual Storage Fee = FREE

Deposit Funds



  • Minimum Deposit = $5.00 USD
  • Fund by Cashier's Check = FREE
  • Fund by Money Order = FREE
  • Fund by E-Gold = 5.0%
  • Fund by Credit Card = 7.95% + $0.50 USD per transaction (Verified Members)

    Transfer Funds

  • Send Money to another Acct. = FREE
  • Minimum Transfer Amount = $5.00 USD
  • Maximum Transfer Amount = $0.00 USD (Unverified Members)
  • Maximum Transfer Amount = Unlimited (Verified Members)
  • Buyer Protection = 10.0% of Sales Amount

    Receive Funds

  • Receive Money from other Accounts= 2.95% + $0.50 USD per transaction (Personal Accounts)
  • Receive Money from other Accounts= 4.95% + $0.50 USD per transaction (Business Accounts)
  • Receive Money from other Accounts= 7.95% + $0.50 USD per transaction (Business Plus Accounts)

    Withdraw Funds

  • Minimum Withdrawal = $5.00 USD
  • Electronic Wire Transfer = $25.00 USD per transaction (1-3 Business Days - US)
                                        = $45.00 USD per transaction (1-3 Business Days - Non-US)
  • Electronic Check (US Banks Only) = $2.50 USD per transaction (5-8 Business Days)
  • Check/Money Order (By Snail Mail) = $5.00 USD per transaction (1-2 Weeks)
  • Western Union = $40.00 USD per transaction (1-3 Business Days)

    • Network Pay reserves the right to adjust our fees and payment schedules without advance notice based on current market and operating conditions. However, the fees and rates shown on this page will always reflect the current fee schedule. Please keep in mind that any added referral fees for affiliates on transfers may affect the final amount transferred.

    • To comply with the U.S. Patriot Act and to reduce fraud and money laundering, non-verified members are not allowed to move money through the Network Pay system.

    • Only members who have had their email and home/business address verified will be allowed to use credit cards for deposits or accept instant payments.

    • As a convenience for our members, we allow account funding by E-Gold. However, withdrawals by E-Gold are not permitted. All E-Gold deposits are typically converted to cash with 2-3 business days and we do NOT keep an E-Gold reserve for withdrawals. We do NOT make exchanges!

    • We do not allow new members from the following countries: Cuba, Nigeria, Iran, Bolivia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates. If you sign up for an account from one of these locations, your account will be canceled and your IP address will be blocked.




    Integration approaches


    Seller Tools


    Network Pay provides a number of ways a merchant can securely and easily sell their products on-line, even with little or no knowledge of html.

    You can sell digital goods, single item or service on your website, accept auction payments, sell subscription based services and accept donations, using Network Pay's button creation engine.

    Network Pay is also fully integrated with cPanel and WHM for web hosting companies that need a way to instantly create their hosting account, only after your buyer has paid.

    Network Pay will also re-bill your buyer at an interval you choose such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually.

      • Digital goods such as software, ebooks, information

      • Cpanel / WHM - Web hosting companies/resellers
      • Subscriptions / Recurring Bill
      • Single items or services
      • Auctions
      • Donations

    Information for developers

    Network Pay is fully integrated with Cpanel/WHM. Your web hosting accounts are created instantly and securely, without needing a separate script to use and install. We will handle the account creation and payment of your plans, and can even bill them automatically.

      1. No separate script to setup
      2. Accounts are instantly created ( only if payment is successful )
      3. FTP/Cpanel information are displayed on the success page or can be emailed to buyer
      4. Can handle auto-Bill/Subscriptions of your buyer
      5. Can include a one time setup fee for your plans
      6. Easy button creator
      7. No programming knowledge needed

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