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Verotel online payment system


Updated on October 22, 2009
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General Information

As a Payment Service Provider (PSP) Verotel offers various 'all-in-one' online payment solutions. This means that after applying with Verotel, Verotel takes care of interacting with the right bank, setting up the payment options and the technical setup of your website.

Credit cards are still the most accepted form of payments on the Internet. More than 72% of all online transactions are completed with a VISA, MasterCard and JCB branded card.

Verotel has solutions tailored to your specific needs: 


  • Free box office for your online subscriptions
  • Credit card and alternative billing options
  • Integrated Fraud-Screening tools
  • 24/7 support
  • FREE Subscription Management
  • FREE Advertising / Affiliate Program
  • Verotel will handle all customer billing inquiries
  • Accept VISA, Mastercard and JCB
  • Accept all other alternative billing/payment methods
  • Recurring Billing
  • Real-time online transaction monitoring & statistics
  • Real-time chargeback monitoring tools
  • Verotel incorporates real-time anti-fraud mechanisms to minimize the risk of chargebacks. Not only is chargeback prevention a priority to minimize merchant losses, but high chargeback ratios can also trigger penalities for the merchant. Verotel carefully monitors every merchant to ensure full compliance with VISA and MasterCard chargeback regulations.

    Verotel offers credit card processing to websites selling content and products. Content websites normally use a 'members' area; a directory on your website that is password protected. Access to the members' area is with a usercode (username) and a passcode (password). A small script on your webserver lets Verotel add, modify and delete usernames and passwords to this members' area.  With the Verotel Remote User Manager, Verotel will assign your client a usercode and passcode and add, modify or delete these codes in your local user database in real-time! The Verotel Remote User Manager is part of the Subscription Management tools, which are included with your Verotel account.


    Verotel allows you to accept payment in a range of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD, NOK, DKK, SEK and CHF. You can receive your merchant revenues in USD, EUR or GBP.

    Countries of use

    All countries.




    Setup or Signup Fee

    There is no setup or signup fee when you join Verotel.

    Rate Plan Verotel Classic and Verotel Pro

    Processing Fees for Credit Cards, US Check and Direct Debit Europe depend on the number of transactions processed with Verotel. The higher the volume of transactions, the lower your rate will be.

    This Processing Fee is calculated based on the following:


    The base rate depends on the average weekly volume of the last four weeks, with a two-week lag period. For example, on July 31st 2010, the base rate will be calculated on the average weekly volume of the period from June 19th 2010 to July 16th 2010


    Average weekly volume (in USD) Base Rate

    0,000   - 1,000 14.0%
    1,001   - 2,000 13.9%
    2,001   - 3,000 13.8%
    3,001   - 4,000 13.7%
    4,001   - 5,000 13.6%
    5,001   - 5,000 13.6%
    7,001   - 10,000 13.4%
    10,001   - 17,500 13.3%
    17,001   - 25,000 13.2%
    25,001   - 40,000 13.1%
    40,001   + 13.0%


    The chargeback ratio is the number of charge backs issued in a period of four weeks divided by the total number of transactions in that same period. No Verotel merchant pays for chargeback fees, although the base rate will be affected by your overall chargeback percentage.

    If the number of transactions in the last four weeks, with a two-week lag period, exceeds 200 transactions, then the chargeback ratio will be calculated. If this ratio is 1.0% or more, a surcharge of 1.5% will apply to the base rate.

    Please remember that these fees are based on fees we are currently charged by our banks. We value your continued trust in our services and are working hard to meet your expectations.


    A surcharge of 1.5% applies on all recurring transactions. (This does not apply to the first transaction of a recurring billing subscription.)

    Rate Plan Verotel Direct

    We offer direct relationships with acquiring banks to webmasters that process more than 75,000 USD (or equivalent) per month. Rates are negotiable and depend on your volume, your chargeback history, your location and your bank.

    Rate plan Verotel 1-900 Billing and Verotel 1-900 Billing Europe

    Verotel 1-900 Billing transactions

    The total charge depending on each ticket price
      Verotel 1-900 Billing Europe transactions

    Minimum monthly charge NONE
    Service Rate   Service Rate
    Ticket from USD 8.75 to USD 12.99 30.0%   The enduser starts paying at EUR 0.70 for
    each minute (including local sales tax).
    Verotel pays USD 0.40 for each minute.
    Ticket from USD 13.00 to USD 24.99 25.0%      
    Ticket from USD 25.00 to USD 35.00 20.0%      

    Note: Rates may vary month by month due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

    Payment Fees

    Payment type Features Price
    US Check US registered merchants USD 2.50
    ACH US registered merchants only USD 0.00
    International Check Non US registered merchants USD 0.00
    Wire / International
    Direct Deposit
    Wires to an EURO account, with IBAN in EU EUR 7.50
    Wires to an USD account USD 25.00
    Wires to an British account GBP 10.00

    Integration approaches


    Information for developers

    All below options are available to all Verotel Classic and Verotel Pro merchants.
    Credit Cards

    Verotel is a registered member service provider for Visa and MasterCard and has an unrivalled relationship with thousands of member banks worldwide.

    Verotel accepts Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and JCB card and is PCI compliant.

    US Checks

    Verotel allows US customers without access to a credit card to instantly pay online by check.

    Your customer simply provides their checking account information, including routing, account and a valid check number, and Verotel verifies the data before processing the payment in seconds.

    Direct Debit Europe

    Verotel allows your European customers to pay by Direct Debit – one of Europe’s most popular and trusted payment methods.

    Your customer provides their banking information and mobile phone number, which Verotel verifies before sending them a confirmation text message containing an exclusive PIN. The customer uses this PIN to digitally sign for the transaction on Verotel’s Transaction Server and can then access the paid-for content. The charges are instantly direct debited from the customer’s bank account.

    Direct Debit Europe is currently available in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

    Verotel 1-900 Billing

    Verotel allows US customers to charge predetermined flat-fees to their phone bill.

    Your customer calls Verotel’s 1-900 number and receives payment instructions from our automated phone system. They will then receive a username and password for the specific service or content they selected from a menu specific to your website. These details are automatically added to your website using Verotel’s RUM software so your customer can instantly access your paid-for content.

    Verotel 1-900 Billing Europe

    Verotel allows your customers all over the world to pay for subscription based content with their phone.

    Your customer calls Verotel’s 1-900 number, paying a premium rate per minute for the duration of the call. Verotel provides instant access to your members-only content.

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