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GreaterThenSolutions online payment system


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General Information

  General information about payment system Greater Than Solutions offers standard payment application infrastructure, online billing, and fraud prevention products that can scale to millions of transactions per minute. Our customers include financial institutions, payment gateway processors, eWallet operators, and Internet payment service providers (iPSP). Our ATP–Payments line of products enables businesses and consumers to transact securely online using a variety of payment options: Credit Cards, ATM/Debit cards, ACH, EFT, gift cards, MoneyGram, Western Union and  International Bank Transfers. Consumers can also send ,or collect money via email while merchants can use email payments to execute refunds and attract new customers. In addition, our ATP-SVS product provides stat-of-the-art eWallet technology for merchants to operate their own electronic wallet, issue their own branded card, manage their payout costs effectively, and promote their loyalty or affiliate programs.    


Our ATP-Payments product supports dynamic currency conversion (DCC) as well as multi-currency processing accounts.

Countries of use

All countries




Please contact  at: sales@greaterthansolutions.com

Integration approaches

  Integration for real-time transaction processing: ATP exposes comprehensive connectivity options using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.  We use standard interfaces to allow for rapid integration via Web Services.   Web-based Management & Reports: Using our advanced web-based management interface, merchants are provided with: ·          Real Time Status of all records associated with the Payment transactions ·          Processing Lifecycle Management – Extends the management of the entire payment lifecycle to include reconciliation, fund-tracing and bank account reconciliations. ·          Management forms and controls – Allows operators to refund, cancel, and execute transactions, as well as manages consumer’s accounts, payouts, fraud detection, and set-ups ·          Dashboards and Statistics reports – including Transactions, Settlements, Transfers, Disputes and much more   Integration for data delivery: Other mechanisms for data delivery include: ·          On demand report pulling – Merchants can download reports and import data directly into their backend systems ·          Scheduled reports deliveries – Reports are delivered via FTP, SFTP, or FTPS with options for compression and password protection.     Built-in Monitoring and Operation Management: ATP come with built-in packages for monitoring and operation management. Administrators can receive alerts directly to their cell phone, pager, and email based on flexible definitions that include: ·          System Administration alerts – Failures, Connectivity, and Data related issues ·          Event occurrence - Receive alerts every time a transaction is processed, when transactions reach a certain threshold, or as soon as your affiliates withdraw their funds. ·          Fraud Detection & Prevention – Your fraud team will be alerted automatically for suspended transactions, velocity breaches, signups, and other relevant occurrences  

Information for developers

Greater Than Solutions products are designed to help our customers and merchants increase their business profitability while reducing operating costs: ·          Easy to Integrate ·          Accept a variety of payments options ·          Process B2B, B2C, and C2C transactions ·          Offer flexible Billing plans ·          Manage your Transactions lifecycle ·          Prevent Fraud ·          Manage Risk ·          Comply with new standards such as Visa/MasterCard PCI compliance, and The Sarbanes-Oxley Act  

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