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eKashu online payment system


Updated on October 22, 2009
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General Information

eKashu is the internet payment brand of CreditCall Communications Ltd. Since 1997, the company has built its transaction processing and client administration software and systems to offer innovation, yet with the key emphasis on reliability and stability. CreditCall provides card payment processing services to a wide range of clients in the USA and Europe, as diverse as the City of Seattle, to the London Congestion Charging Scheme.

This commitment is also reflected in our internal resources and support infrastructure. All have been developed with the primary objective of providing the highest level of service possible to both our Clients and their end Customers.



Countries of use

Europe, USA




eKashu’s easier website payments also means a simple and completely transparent scale of charges.


For small volume users, pricing is based on a fixed fee per transaction, with a monthly minimum charge.

Call us now to find out more on 0800 138 0200.

For larger transaction volumes, including where transactions are being processed from multiple channels such as eCommerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) and Point of Sale terminals, a pricing proposal will be sent on application.


There is a one-off setup charge of £100. This covers the administration of setting up your account and creating a single secure login to the WebMIS service.

Integration approaches

eKashu is a payment gateway, also called a Payment Service Provider (PSP). eKashu’s range of products provide the secure link between your website and your acquiring bank enabling you to accept payments from your internet customers. Sophisticated security measures are in place to ensure that your customers’ card details are kept secure throughout the transaction process.

There are three products within eKashu and your choice largely depends on the number of transactions you anticipate processing.

Information for developers

eKashu provides one of the industry's most secure yet easy to integrate payment solutions. We recognise that web developers play a key role in getting businesses equipped for web payment, so we have designed eKashu with developers' ease of integration in mind.

eKashu offers a choice of interfaces to make the task of integrating our payment service to your shopping cart or transactional website as straightforward as possible. We provide a range of example scripts and supporting guides to help developers build an efficient and clean interface.

The most straightforward interface is the eKashu payment page, this service enables developers to customise the interface to look and feel like the client's own website whilst not having to worry about areas such as PCI compliance and data security.

The integration documentation for the payment page can be downloaded and used alongside a free test account obtained by registering with the WebMIS platform. This will allow for complete development and testing to occur whilst internet merchant account registration takes place.

For developers that require a more integrated and flexible solution we offer the CardEaseXML interface. This allows a direct connection into the eKashu authorisation platform and requires slightly greater technical competence. This will, in most instances, be for merchants that are anticipating larger transaction volumes.

To see just how straightforward the integration is, download the CardEaseXML software development kit free and without obligation.
Click here for the download page.

Become an eKashu reseller
If you are an experienced e-commerce web developer, you may be interested in our reseller programme where you can be additionally rewarded for introducing your clients to eKashu. To find our about the benefits of becoming an eKashu value added reseller, call us free on 0800 138 0200.

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