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InPay online payment system


Updated on September 23, 2014 by ShankarDBZ
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General Information

InPay is an alternative payment option for e-commerce sites that allows shoppers to pay using their online bank. In most cases inpay is instant, which means that it is a very good alternative to credit cards. No credit card? No problem! Accept payments from customers who are unwilling or unable to pay with other payment options! Reduce risk With inpay there is no risk of credit card fraud or charge backs. This means that when you get paid you stay paid! Never say no to an order With inpay you can safely accept orders from customers in "high risk" regions such as all parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.



Countries of use

Global. Currently instant in 16 different countries


For e-commerce sites - also high risk and casinos.


Inpay is free for shoppers.

Inpay is affordable for businesses of all types and sizes. Fees are applied only when you accept a payment. If you do not receive money you will not pay a penny.

No monthly fees
No setup fees
No gateway fees
No chargebacks

Fee schedule for merchants:
Account setup fee 0
Fee per received transaction 1% - 4% (minium 1 euro or usd 1.50)
Settlement fee
(weekly wire of funds from inpay to merchant) 10 euro (usd 15.00)

The exact fee is dependent on volume and market segment and will be determined upon signup.

Integration approaches

The process is as follows:   A customer on your website goes to your check out page to pay for the order. On this page the customer must now be presented with an option to pay using online banking. The customer now clicks on a the relevant button for paying with online banking. A script on your server registers that the customer clicked on the online banking button. This program now send (using HTTPS POST) the following information to the inpay server: amount, order description, order reference and your inpay-merchant ID. This information is encrypted with a secret key to ensure that the request cannot be tampered with. As part of this HTTPS POST action the customer is automatically redirected to inpay's website The customer is now at inpay's website and is presented with a list of banks from his country. The customer now selects his bank (or uses inpays main bank should his own bank not be on the list) The customer is now provided with detailed instructions on how to transfer money to inpay's account using his online bank. If the customers local currency is different from the merchants currency then the amount is automatically converted to the local currency The customer now transfers the amount from his own bank account to inpay's bank account and then clicks the " I have now made the transfer " button. inpay verifies that the correct amount has been transferred and then returns the customer to the merchants website using the HTTP POST method and includes amount and order reference. This information is encrypted with a secret key to ensure that the request cannot be tampered with. If the transfer has not been received inpay will return the customer to the merchants website using the HTTP POST method, and inform the merchant that the transfer was not received If at a later stage (i.e. a day later) the customer decides to make the transfer, inpay will automatically inform the merchant that the payment was received.

Information for developers

The process is as follows:   Sign up as a merchant When your application has been approved you will receive a username and password to the administration website Your account is now in test mode When you have successfully finished testing please contact inpay and we will verify that everything is ok and upgrade your account to production mode You are now ready to accept payments via inpay Integration overview inpay offers 3 kind of integrations, each targeted at different kinds og business. Use below schema to compare the integrations. Name Express Professional Enterprise Target group Small merchants Medium merchants Large merchants, PSPs, anyone who want inpay completely integrated and required full control Time to implement 5 minutes (basic) to 1 hour (advanced) 5 minutes (basic) to 1 hour (advanced) plus time to send graphics to inpay 2-3 days Description Simply add a button to your payment page that will redirect the customer to our hosted payment wizard. The wizard guides the customer through the payment process and we inform you by email or through an API when the payment has been received Same functionality as express, but with the addition that we create a bespoke version of our hosted payment page that matches the look and feel of your site Your customers can pay without having to leave your site and you have full control of every inpay feature by accessing our backend API. You can even use our API to include inpay in a standalone software application Setup fee 49 euro 199 euro 995 euro Monthly fee 19 euro 49 euro 99 euro Documentation inpay express API inpay enterprise API

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