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Perfect Money online payment system

Perfect Money

Updated on December 1, 2015 by abuwissam
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General Information

Using Perfect Money system Customer has convenient and easy-to-use tool to make P2P and P2B payments. Payment for products or services in Internet turns for PM customer into a simple operation as the time spent on this operation hardly exceeds 1 sec. Now it is not a problem to exchange your real or virtual banknotes into Perfect Money.


Perfect Money system works with a significant number of e-currencies and owing to this the account funding can be performed by means of such e-currencies as pecunix and liberty reserve. Such transaction can be performed automatically via merchants of t

Countries of use

Perfect Money payment system provides customers with a 14-language interface.


To make transactions easier for both parties Perfect Money divides its users in accordance with three statuses got by the system customers at registration completion: Normal: Assigned to all new registered Customers without any applied limitations


Service Fees have been minimized to ensure Perfect Money is the most cost-efficient and convenient payment solution.

Our users and partners know Perfect Money as a reliable, stable and honest payment processor which targets not a momentary benefit and profit but an establishment of user- and business-friendly partnership.


Deposit fees
Wire 0%
Pecunix 6%
Liberty Reserve 3%
At market rate
Added to balance: 7% per year
Internal 0%
Withdrawal fees
Wire transfer $50 + 2% (max comission $1000)
Security fees
SMS Notification $0.1
Annual Service $0
Account Restoration $100
Partner Program

Perfect Money calls your attention to partner program. We offer you to get 1% of annual profit from the minimum monthly remains of your referrals.

You can start easily, just use this link:


Where account is your Memeber ID in our system.
Payments on referral program can be viewed in automatic monthly extract.


  *Service fees of Exchange Partners may vary.

Integration approaches

Way of access: online. Security toolbox of PM Customer includes the following: Identity Check This tool is used for identification of PM account Customer. This instrument is a kind of artificial eye for Perfect Money which may be cannot show the face of the Customer alive but provides the possibility to identify the computer used to enter the account. In case if Customer authentication is performed from the net or subnet of IP addresses that are not related to the account owner system blocks the entrance to account and sends an additional safety code to the e-mail specified during account registration. Change of IP is made individually by means of Perfect Money Support Center. SMS Authentication This system is used for creation of logical connection between Customer account and his cell number to which the System sends confirmation code for identification of the real account owner. SMSLogin system is the most perfect and reliable method of Customer protection from non-authorized account entrance as the time spent on the whole operation of code exchange and its entering into account is extremely short and insufficient for cracking operation. CodeCard Protection In this method the customer gets a card with graphic picture of code sent to e-mail. For confirmation of transaction the system sends the Customer an inquiry on random order delivery of definite code from that card. CodeCard is a convenient and reliable protection measure for confirmation of transactions that has shown itself in the majority of prominent financial institutions of the world.

Information for developers

Perfect API Merchant Occurrence of analogs to which among other payment systems upon criteria of functionality, reliability and safety is unlikely within the next few years. The Perfect Money engineers have created such tool which allows any business structure to organize any on-line process of sale of products, services or access to content with maximum easiness and safety.

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